Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

Dr Malone gives Chelsea some tips on how and where to have this discussion with Connor.

On the patio, Adam thanks Billy for saving Connor’s Mother’s life. He’ll always be grateful – but – what are you after?

What Billy wants is for Chelsea to be healthy and happy. He promised to support her. How Lily feels about that is none of Adam’s business. The only person’s advice we should be taking is Dr Malone’s, Billy says before exiting.

Chloe’d love to accept Nick’s offer – Sally appreciates it but can’t. Alerted that there’s a problem with the babysitter, Chloe leaves Nick to ask Sally to think about it – and go for a drink with him.

Dr Malone agrees that Chelsea should confide in her friend, Chloe. She’s impressed with her progress. Call me after you tell Connor. Be well, she leaves when Sharon and Billy appear (keeping it a secret that Chelsea does indeed have a place to stay)

Chloe returns to ask – where are we? Nick leaves them to consider his offer. Chloe wastes no time pressuring Sally. She too asks her to at least think about it.

Dr Malone tells Adam that he just missed Chelsea – she just left with Sharon and Billy. Of course, he grimaces.

At CL’s, Chelsea’s stunned when Sharon offers her the apartment. Why? After everything I’ve done to you? I don’t know what to say. Say yes, do it for the cinnamon buns, Billy jokes. As an appreciative Chelsea jumps up to hug her, Sharon looks mildly worried.

Adam’s at the park reflecting on his relationship with Sally.

Sharon and Billy bring Chelsea upstairs. You’ve both been so kind, she again eludes to their history. Sharon has to go help Mariah unpack. Welcome home, she says warmly. That leaves Chelsea to give Billy permission to tell Lily the truth – so she won’t get the wrong idea.

Oh look – my wonderful brother, Adam oozes sarcasm when Nick arrives at Society. Join me? No – Nick declines – he’s meeting someone. Let me guess who it is, Adam’s not at all surprised when Sally appears.