Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

At Society, Adam’s cutting sarcasm soon gives way to vulgarity – are Sally and Nick meeting for dinner to fuel up for more sex? Sally thought they could be friends. Stop blaming everyone but himself.

Ally confronts Noah at CL’s – she went by the club earlier and saw him in the arms of his ex.

Sharon and Billy have packed Chelsea’s things from TGP and brought them to the apartment. Taking the keys, it’s clear Chelsea will need some time to feel at home.

Noah promises to explain to Ally, but not here. It’s not what you think.

Sharon hopes the apartment will feel like home soon. Billy thinks Chelsea should look at it as the start of a healthy future. Chelsea vows to be strong when she tells Connor about the crisis she went through. Billy and Sharon are sure Adam will do what’s right for Connor – and Chelsea. Getting a text, Billy leaves Sharon to say that there’s something she and Chelsea need to do right away.

When Adam tells Sally that the only woman Nick’s ever loved is Sharon – you’re just the latest substitute. Let’s go – he’s not worth it, Sally turns away.

At the Glam Club, Noah confides to Ally that Audra had a miscarriage. She waited to tell him when their relationship was on better footing – but that didn’t happen and Noah left. The old memories brought up old emotions. Noah hugged Audra to comfort her.

Billy thanks Lily for meeting him in the park. Chelsea gave me the go-ahead to talk to you. She tried to take her own life.

After helping Chelsea put her clothes away, Sharon brings out the most important thing – a framed photo of her and Connor. Eager to see her son, Chelsea calls Adam. Eyeing Sally and Nick, he steps outside to take her call. Reluctantly, he agrees to bring Connor over. Please support my decision, she implores.

Why the rush? Adam asks. Chelsea needs to tell him what happened and that she’ll be alright. Dr Malone agrees. We need to do this together – as a family. Adam agrees – then glances inside to watch Sally and Nick having dinner.

Billy explains how Chelsea became increasingly depressed after Rey died. Lily empathizes – she was depressed in prison, Neil moving to visit her often was a lifeline. Knowing that must have taken a toll on Billy, Lily wonders why he didn’t turn to her for support.