Friday, November 18th, 2022

It was hard for Noah but glad when his Mom made it through stronger than ever. It was harder for Faith. Sharon worried one of her kids would inherit her condition – it’s a parent thing. Noah confides that he almost was a parent.

Elena thinks Nate’s learned from his mistakes. Devon disagrees. He’s never admitted that Vikki’s the CEO he was colluding with. He only confessed to win you back. Nate’s changed. Elena looks unsettled.

Sally may have had some good ideas but there were other dynamics at play, Vikki adds that she was only CEO because she was Adam’s girlfriend. So, it wasn’t personal? Yes, there’s a personal element to every business decision. Forget the past, Vikki wants to focus on their bright future (and basically tells Nate that his budget is limitless)

Noah tells his Mom what Audra recently told him. He’s trying to adjust to it all and can’t help but wonder ‘what if’. Sharon’s sorry – she knows that loss. You’d have your first grandchild, Noah tears up.

Unable to agree on Nate, Elena and Devon change the subject. Amanda’s in Virginia with her family, Devon’s saved from further explanation when Billy and Lily arrive. They too decline Elena’s invitation to join her and Nate for dinner. Once seated, Lily again grumbles about Billy not telling her about Chelsea and what it says about their relationship.

Yes, Sharon knew Audra was in town; Mariah told her. Ally’s the only other one who knows and Noah would like to keep it that way. He regrets leaving before Audra could tell him she was pregnant.

Whether Nick or Sally leave, Adam controls them. They decide to stay and enjoy their evening. Let’s enjoy his wine, Nick pours. Adam watches.

Noah’s not proud of the way he left but couldn’t take it anymore. Audra miscarried the night I left. Sharon feels bad for him and Audra – but don’t beat yourself up.

Billy didn’t confide in Lily because it wasn’t his story to tell. She feels torn between admiration for the way Billy’s helping Chelsea, and concern about how it will affect THEIR relationship. Chelsea has her doctor, Sharon and Adam. Billy made a promise. When Chelsea asks him to meet her at CL’s, Billy will go see how she is and let her know he’s stepping back.

Watching Billy leave, Elena sends Nate a text to let him know the drinks have been served – are you on your way?

Reading the text from Elena, Nate tells Vikki that he’s meeting her for a late dinner. Elena reads his reply – sorry – meeting going long. Be there soon.

When Lily joins him at the bar, Devon asks if Billy’s figured out what he wants to do with his life? Lily hopes not. Since you don’t want to talk about it, Devon will go home – love you. Lily’s left to look worried.

Before Nick and Sally can get to the exit, Adam jumps up to ask how they liked the wine. It was a bit sweet for Sally. When Adam really, really needs to talk to her, Sally grants him 2 minutes. Nick waits.

Over another drink, Vikki and Nate praise one another. He’s in no hurry to go meet Elena – we have momentum. Let’s not stop. Vikki smiles.

Not denying that he’s had a few drinks, Adam didn’t expect to see Sally and Nick here. It’s eating away at him. It IS my concern. I drove you into his arms. We belong together. Marry me.

Elena gives up on waiting for Nate and goes over to chat with Lily – I hope your night ends up better than mine. We’ll catch up soon. Lily’s stunned when she sees a familiar face at the bar. Daniel!?