Friday, November 18th, 2022

Nick’s wowed by how beautiful Sally looks for their night of celebration. They aren’t celebrating the start of her new project – but, rather – ‘us’ ~kiss~

Sharon confirms that Lily’s been told everything before telling them that Chelsea’s doing well – Connor and Adam are up there now. Lily declares Sharon a saint. Billy hopes Adam’s not screwing up the delicate conversation Chelsea’s having with Connor. On cue, Adam appears to inform that Connor’s spending the night with his Mom. Neither he nor Lily are overly impressed by how concerned Billy is about Chelsea.

On the phone, Nate asks Vivien to send him some highlighted data (which will be an easy task because Sally asked her to highlight the same data) Elena drops by the office with a gift – to show Nate that she supports him 100%.

Sally and Nick are happy to see the Glam Club thriving. And since Noah’s not there, we don’t have to make things PG. Sally’s whispering something in Nick’s ear when Adam arrives to stare.

Nate loves the framed photo, Elena’s brought for his office. He can’t go to celebrate just yet but will meet her at Society after his meeting with Vikki. On her way out, Elena makes Nate’s day by saying that she supports his new job.

Back at CL’s, Lily and Sharon are relieved that the talk with Connor went well. We only have Adam’s word of that, Billy doesn’t trust him. When Billy wants to go check in on Chelsea, Sharon thinks he should leave her to spend the night with Connor. And no, he shouldn’t call.

After Billy and Lily leave to go for dinner, Sharon helping a friend inspires her to ask Noah how it was for him when she was spiraling out of control.

Joining Devon at Society’s bar, Elena asks if she can help with whatever’s on his mind. No, it’s something he has to figure out on his own. And no, he doesn’t want to join her and Nate, the traitor, when he arrives.

Vikki’s summoned Nate to her office for a progress report. Sally Spectra was on top of every idea he suggested. She was doing a good job and implementing new ideas. He’s grateful for the opportunity but not sure why he was brought in to replace Sally.

Nick and Sally are puzzled when a waitress brings over a bottle they didn’t order. Oh, Nick gets it – look over your left shoulder. A smiling Adam raises his glass to them.