Thursday, November 17th, 2022

Connor’s excited about his Mom being home and getting to decorate his own room. Adam looks grim when the boy asks his Mom to promise she won’t disappear on him ever again.

Ashley’s just about to leave the house when Abby runs in to sob in her arms. It’s bad, Mom – it’s really bad.

Diane barges into Jack’s office with an urgent matter. You MUST listen to what I have to say.

Showing Sally to her suite, Nick’s welcome to come inside – as long as he doesn’t mention loaning her money.

Back at the apartment, Chelsea reminds Connor that she was in the hospital last year. He immediately panics – are you sick again?

Chelsea gently explains to Connor that she was ‘slipping’ again. Do you know what depression is? He bursts into tears – thinking that he and Johnny made her sad.

At Society, Phyllis asks (almost demands) that Tucker join her for a drink.

It doesn’t take long before Nick’s offer of a loan is mentioned. Sally doesn’t want his money.

Diane has one more thing to tell Jack – Tucker wanted her to give him info on Jabot’s financials. One more lie – one more shoe to drop – Jack wonders why it’s coming out NOW.

Diane wanted to set a trap for Tucker – he’s dangerous. And so is Jeremy, Tucker’s already told Ashley about him being released. She, Phyllis and Nikki are threatening to plant the idea in his head that I’m the one who put him away!

Did Chance cheat on you? Ashley asks. No – I cheated on him, Abby cries.

Adam and Chelsea reassure Connor that he’s not to blame. I was struggling after Rey died. It was hard when Johnny didn’t embrace her being his Mom. You’re my whole world, she tells Connor – but she hoped Johnny could be part of their family. Chelsea’s working hard to get better.