Monday, November 21st, 2022

At Society, Lily and Daniel reminisce about the good old days; running away together and working on the beach, dressed as fruits – we’ve come a long way since then; a CEO and a world-reknowned artist.

Daniel read Billy’s retraction on the unsourced Locke expose. Yeah, we got past that incident, Lily sighs. There’ve been more? Daniel’s observed that GC and everyone in it has aged – except you … On cue, Billy arrives.

Ashley’s miles ahead of you, Jack agrees with Tucker that she’s brilliant. You won’t outwit both of us – and she’s only spending time with you to find out what you’re up to. Tucker knows that but will prove he’s there for Ashley. He also knows that Jack’s fishing – thinking his suspicions will be confirmed. You must know the truth that you’re no match for me (Tucker also won’t deny that he’s coming after Jabot)

Diane mocks Ashley for thinking she knows what happened with Jeremy Stark. Why would his release be dangerous for me? I’m Kyle’s Mother, Harrison’s grandmother, a Jabot employee. Jeremy coming after me will affect your family, your company. Disgusted that Diane’s using her grandson as a human shield, Ashley thinks Diane should be scared -run before it’s too late.

Now in her robe, Sally lets a drunken Adam into her suite to ask why he proposed. We’re magic, Adam doesn’t know why’d she’d rob herself of that.

Maybe Adam has had too much to drink but he’s sure that he and Sally are in synch. You’re perfect. OK, not perfect – a beautiful mess. You and Nick are using each other.

Heather and Lucy are in Portugal. Daniel’s just catching up with old friends. Lily then asks how Chelsea is. Much better. Daniel would like to run his new idea by them both at some point. Have a nice night. After Daniel leaves, Billy gets right to the menu. Lily smirks.

Diane refused to give Tucker info on Jabot. Ashley doesn’t see refusing corporate espionage a noble act. He’s using you, Diane yelps. Jack comes home to grimace – he can’t have them sniping at one another with Harrison in the house.

Adam would hate to see Sally settle for Nick – Sharon will always have his heart. Poor Chelsea’s going through a lot, it’s no wonder she…. She what? Sally’s curious.

Nick runs into Chelsea at CL’s. She’s not sure what she’s doing for Thanksgiving until she speaks with Adam. Have a great Thanksgiving, she heads upstairs.

Lily enjoyed running into Daniel. After some mild teasing from Billy they agree to help Sharon at CL’s, then the Abbott’s and then Devon’s for dessert. Billy has something to run by her. Does it hve to do with Chelsea? Lily guesses.

After Sally and Adam move past his drinking and the comment about Chelsea, he leaves her to think about his proposal – it was from the heart. I love you.

Back at CL’s, Nick’s stunned to run into Daniel. Summer and Phyllis must be thrilled. Heather and Lucy? he asks. Great- but Daniel’s smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

Billy would like to invite Chelsea and Connor to spend Thanksgiving with them – in case Adam doesn’t come through. Lily wants to enjoy their holiday and see what happens.

Diane and Ashley continue to debate. Open your eyes, Tucker’s the enemy, not me, Diane insists. Jack agrees – he’s coming after Jabot. You need allies and couldn’t come up with a better one that me, Diane’s point finally lands.