Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

Raving about Vikki’s leadership, Nate encourages Elena to come back to Newman. We can make this journey together.

When Vikki drops by CL’s, Billy calls what she pulled with Nate ‘despicable’. What would the kids think? Your Father must be proud, he’s sarcastic. He scoffs when Vikki claims that Katherine would approve.

Sally’s not playing hard to get. Adam sees through her layers – you’ll never trade passion for safety. It’s not what you want or deserve.

Chelsea tells Lily that she’s sorry for taking up so much of Billy’s time. Wanting to be as transparent as possible, she invites Lily to ask any questions she may have.

Lily’s happy to hear that Chelsea’s recovering but not so much when she goes on and on about Billy being responsible for that.

Downstairs, Sharon and Billy agree it’s a good sign that Chelsea reached out to Lily. He thanks Sharon for everything she’s done since answering his call that night.

Having nothing further to say and spotting Nick’s arrival, Sally makes a beeline for the door to invite Nick to grab a meal with her. Sure, Nick grins – until he sees Adam. Sally squirms as the brothers glare at one another.

Over drinks, Nick sees right through Sally’s attempt to distract him with small talk about her new interior design business. He’s further irritated when Adam, take-out in hand, makes a point of thanking Sally for the chat. It was good to clear the air.

Billy and I care about you – but he doesn’t deserve all the credit for your recovery. You have Sharon, Adam, Chloe, your therapist, Lily adds that Billy can’t be there for Chelsea 24/7. I’m really rooting for you to build a wonderful new life for yourself.

No, Sharon doesn’t think Billy has a savior complex but you need to take care of yourself too. Burnout is a thing. Billy has no intention of stepping back. And when Adam arrives, he orders him to give Chelsea and Lily space (as they chat upstairs)

Adam clearly wanted me to know that you talked – how did you clear the air? Nick’s also interested in how Sally really feels about his proposal.

Nate invites Elena to come to LA with him and Vikki; where she can think about coming back to Newman over cocktails on the beach; a combination romantic getaway/business trip. We do work well together ~kiss~

Not really wanting to talk about Adam anyway, Nick reports that the best part of his Thanksgiving Day was volunteering with Sharon and the kids; it’s their cool tradition.

Lily comes down to relay her conversation with Chelsea – that she listed the network of people she can rely on. That sounds like ‘all the right things’ to Billy; let’s go to Society for lunch ~hug~ I’ll be right behind you. As soon as Lily leaves, Billy calls Chelsea (who decides to let it go to voicemail) Call me when you get a second, he requests.

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