Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

Running into Sally at Society, Adam’s sober, polite and humorous. Updating on one another’s Thanksgiving, he then apologizes for their last encounter – can you forgive me?

Vikki’s wasted no time summoning Nick to her office to scold him for undermining her new CEO (Nate)

At the penthouse, Elena’s nervous about her business meeting with Lily. She and Devon seem to consider her ‘guilty by association’. If that’s the case, Nate would be happy to bring her medical podcast back to Newman.

Arriving separately at CL’s, Lily and Billy immediately pick up their argument right where they left off. He’s not there to see Chelsea and would like to fix things with Lily.

Incriminating voices echoing in her head, Chelsea awakens with a jolt on the sofa.

Now seated in a booth, Billy apologizes to Lily. He shouldn’t have called her ‘petty’. Lily can’t help but be concerned by how much he’s focused on Chelsea. Taking her hand, Billy pledges his love and promises his undivided attention – just as soon as he gets Chelsea past this crisis.

Elena already made a commitment to Devon and Lily; she feels loyal to them. What about your loyalty to me? Nate pouts.

Nick stands his ground with his sister. He doesn’t trust Nate and is just calling things as he sees them. What happens when he wants more power than you’re willing to give him?

Back at Society’s bar, Sally reminds Adam of all the horrible things he said about her relationship Nick. He’s sorry about that but not for proposing. We belong together.

Like their Father, Vikki’s confident enough to surround herself with ruthlessly ambitious people. So, no, she’s not threatened by Nate. And, she can see that Nick’s still salty about Sally being let go.

Sally won’t forgive Adam for breaking her heart and would never go into a marriage this way. Maybe she did think of marrying Adam – but that was when they were together. Why are you torturing me?

Billy just wants Chelsea to be healthy and happy – that’s it. What are you searching for? Lily’s not even sure Billy wants her around while he figures it out. Nothing could be further from the truth, he vows.

Upstairs, Chelsea makes herself a coffee and sends a text – can we meet? I’d like to talk.

Lily and Billy are both surprised by Chelsea’s text and wonder what she wants to talk to Lily about.