Wednesday, November 30th, 2022

Connor HAD to put a stop to a bully who overheard his and Johnny’s private conversation. Unashamed of her illness, Chelsea loves that Connor wants to protect her but it’s not his job. And, when Adam arrives, she declares it time to have a family talk.

Telling Kyle about Jeremy Stark, Diane doesn’t care what Phyllis, Nikki and Ashley think of her but does worry what they’ll do now that Jeremy’s been released from prison.

Because Ashley loves her brother, she’s even more determined to get Diane out of town. But, when Nikki shares Phyllis’ plan, she not sure contacting the dangerous Jeremy Stark is a good idea.

Connor sent to do his homework, Adam sees only two options; we pull him out of that school or the bully must be expelled. Chelsea’s face reads ‘you’re overreacting’.

With a slight pause, Billy joins the gathering. Phyllis wastes no time asking why he’d leave CW and since he no longer works there he’s not privy to details of Daniel’s idea.

Nikki, Phyllis and Ashley are playing with fire, Diane declares Jeremy Stark a monster; abusive and unpredictable. She’s afraid he’ll come after her (as well as Kyle and Harrison) for putting him in prison. I’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect your Mother, Jack chimes in.

Ashley and Nikki continue to debate what to do about Diane. Is Jeremy Stark really a danger to our families – or is Diane exaggerating the threat he poses to further infiltrate her way into Jack’s life? Hmmm.

The voice of reason, Chelsea talks Adam off the ledge (excuse the pun) Instead of shielding Connor, we must teach him to resolve conflict without using his fists. We have to ‘be better. And, what chance does Connor have if I fall apart? she reasons.

Diane appreciates Kyle and Jack standing by her – it’s wrong for ‘those women’ to use my past against me. Jack hopes they’re bluffing. Diane doesn’t want anyone to be in danger but will never abandon her family again. Kyle plans to let everyone know this isn’t a damn game.

Like Daniel, Lily won’t reveal any details. No, Billy hasn’t heard anything ‘because you’ve been busy with other things’. After Phyllis and Summer leave, she excuses herself to take a call. That leaves Daniel to smirk at Billy – you haven’t changed a bit.

Daniel didn’t mean to insult Billy (but does so anyway) Can I be honest? He thought Lily would choose someone more reliable. old habits die hard I guess. Billy’s fuming by the time Lily returns to ask what she missed.

Calmed down and apologizing, Adam gives Chelsea a hug that she quickly squirms out of to make Connor a snack. Adam looks puzzled and conflicted.

We’ll deal with this, Kyle promises on his way out. When the ever-appreciative Diane offers to take Jack out for lunch, he delights her by suggesting dinner instead.

In the hallway, Kyle rants to Summer about Phyllis. IF my Mom said any of that, she’s probably bluffing, Summer’s upset that she was kept out of the loop. It’s MY family too. Kyle’s sorry; his Mom swore him and Jack to secrecy. Phyllis, Ashley and Nikki are at the center of this and it has to stop NOW, he concludes.

As much as she hates Diane, Ashley doesn’t want to be responsible for Stark becoming violent and hurting her. Too late – Phyllis barges into the house looking mighty pleased with herself. She reached out to Stark anonymously to let him know that it was Diane who ratted him out to the feds.

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