Monday, December 19th, 2022

Coming home to find Ashley deep in thought, Jack may still be furious with her, but he does care – maybe what you’re feeling is regret? No, not even a little bit, Ashley quickly clarifies.

Not bothered by Tucker being dismissive of her little coffee shop, Sharon’s proud to have created a place where everyone’s welcome – even you. Hearing that he and Ashley stopped in last night, Sharon hopes Tucker’s not gonna suck her back in again.

Elena’s pleasantly surprised that Nate’s home from LA. How was it? He got the star treatment; everyone was so welcoming and respectful. Stifling a yawn, the overworked Elena wants to hear more – after she has a nap.

Summer runs into Kyle as he’s busy tying up loose ends so he can send everyone home early for the holidays. Nice – but Summer has something important to discuss – now.

Not surprised to find Vikki working late, Billy announces that Chelsea bought Johnny a Christmas gift. He’s about to make his case when Vikki interrupts – it’s out of the question.

Vikki’s not willing to invite Chelsea to spend Christmas with them. When Billy explains that she’s going to give the gift to him and then WE’LL decide when to give it to Johnny, Vikki doesn’t like that either. You’re right, Billy decides that Chelsea will be the one to give her gift to Johnny.

Running into Audra at Society, Nate boasts that Newman Media’s a whole other world compared to CW. Audra has a tremendous idea – join me and tell me everything you’ve been up to.

When Tucker claims that he’s winning Ashley over, Sharon knows better (she got her degree in psychology, after all, so has good insight into people) He plans to make Ashley’s dreams come true. Sharon disagrees – you hope Ashley will help you make YOUR dreams come true.

Jack and Ashley butt heads over Diane. She left town because she was scared, he insists – but falls silent when Ashley puts the pieces together; you’re riding to Diane’s rescue, she guesses.

Refusing to apologize or admit she went too far, Ashley believes that Diane’s got Jack so wrapped around her finger that he and Kyle cooked up this little disappearing act.

At Jabot, Summer understands why Kyle would want to spend Christmas with his Mom but she wants to spend the day just the three of them – you, me and Harrison.

Nate talks a lot about Nate. He’s getting the respect he deserves at Newman. No, Audra doesn’t hold a grudge – it wasn’t personal to her. It’s been her experience that family and work don’t always go well together.