Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

At the park, Nick tells Sally that Christian’s asking hard questions about Santa. He handled it well (if he does say so himself) Sometimes you just have to believe in the magic, Nick flashes his dimples.

Welcoming Billy and Johnny into the apartment, Chelsea’s touched when Johnny hands her a gift. She has one for him too. Merry Christmas.

Daniel gets a warm welcome from Kyle and Summer at the Abbott home. They’re thrilled to hear that he’s heading up a new gaming division at CW. He wonders where they were heading out to when he arrived. It’s a secret, Kyle grins.

Well, isn’t this the picture of Christmas spirit, a sarcastic Adam arrives. He obviously isn’t happy to find Billy hanging out at Chelsea’s apartment.

Telling Daniel that they’re taking Harrison on a surprise adventure, Kyle leaves Summer to ask her brother if he wants to talk about what’s going on with Heather.

My kids are everything to me, Nick recites a speech on parenthood. Being a parent is the best thing you’ll ever do. Sally’s never known a parent who actually loves being a parent.

The tension between Billy and Adam continues until the boys come out. Adam’s taking Chelsea and Connor for dinner. When Connor asks if Johnny can come, Chelsea invites Billy to come along too.

Still in the park, Sally has no good Christmas stories to share from her childhood. Her parents were ‘carnies’ – they traveled around; she didn’t attend school. She and her sister Co Co were abandoned by her parents. Nick’s really sorry she went through that.

Billy OK’s Johnny going out for dinner with Connor (Adam and Chelsea) Adam knows Vikki won’t be OK with it. She will, Billy will talk to her. Chelsea thanks both men – what a nice way to kick off the holidays.

Daniel tells Summer to go be with her family; things with Heather and Lucy will work out – and he’s excited about his new project. Don’t worry about me. Have a safe journey, Daniel hugs his sister and wishes Kyle a Merry Christmas.

Downstairs, in the coffee shop, Vikki’s NOT happy that Billy left Johnny upstairs with Chelsea, and extra not happy that he’s also with Adam (and Connor) What were you thinking!? she berates Billy.

Billy’s sorry; he should have asked Vikki first; I know this is difficult. But, we have to accept that Chelsea, Adam and Connor are Johnny’s family too. Yes, it is difficult for Vikki. You’re his Mom, Billy reassures her. He’s no fan of Adam’s but will be civil to him because the boys are close. Plus, Chelsea’s emotionally stronger. Oh, and we have to support our son.