Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

After a small, family gathering at the Glam Club on Christmas Eve, Mariah and Tessa have the same dream (in which a young pregnant woman comes to CL’s for help after her car skidded off the road) The shared dream seems to be prophetic. The pregnant woman who’s been corresponding with Mariah and Tessa sends a sonogram – it’s a girl. We can’t wait to meet you!

Sharon’s glad that Noah’s gathered Nick, Mariah, Tessa and herself for drinks at the Glam Club. She was feeling a little lonely on Christmas Eve. They raise a glass to Rey, discuss how grown up Faith suddenly is and how Nick managed to get Christian to sleep. There’s nothing like seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

Sharon needs to go home and pack food for the shelters. Yes, Mariah and Tessa will be at CL’s bright and early (news to a tipsy Tessa) No need for Sharon to drive them home, Tessa has a plan (news to a tipsy Mariah)

Tessa’s booked a suite upstairs with fuzzy robes and everything. Merry Christmas – we’re out of here, the newlyweds happily bounce.

Lounging in their suite in fluffy robes, Mariah gives Tessa a gift. A Christmas ornament – their first as wife and wife. Hopefully, next year they’ll be Moms ~kiss~

Mariah and Tessa wake up to wish each other Merry Christmas. Uh oh – we’re late. They need to get to CL’s asap. Sharon needs her elves.

At CL’s, Noah chides the girls for being late. Sharon’s a bit worried about making deliveries in the snow. Noah offers to make the deliveries if the girls pack the van.

Noah leaves with his second load of deliveries – he’ll see Sharon, Mariah and Tessa at the house later. A young woman comes in to report that her car skidded off the road. When she opens her coat, the three women can’t help but notice that she’s very pregnant.

Mariah and Tessa fuss over Sonya, the young Mom-to-be. While Sharon makes food, Sonya’s near tears as she eludes to trouble with her family and doubt about whether she’ll be a good Mom. Surprise, surprise, her water breaks.

Ending a call, Mariah reports that the EMT’s will take a while to get there (due to several weather-related accidents) You can do this, Sharon walks Sonya around. Knowing that Mariah’s remembering her own traumatic childbirth, Tessa encourages her to focus on helping Sonya. Yes, they do want to have a baby of their own. As for the one in Sonya’s belly, she wants out – now. Sharon calls Elena.

With Mariah and Tessa on either side of Sonya, Elena guides her through childbirth. Suddenly, a cry pierces the air. It’s a perfect baby girl. The EMT’s now have Sonya and her baby on a gurney and ready for transport to Memorial. The universe brought us together for a reason, you’ll make such incredible Moms, Sonya’s sure.

Turns out it was all a dream. An intense dream that Mariah and Tessa both had.

The dream felt so real to Mariah and Tessa. Think of the positive – we shared the joy of bringing a new life into the world. We’re gonna be kickass Moms. If anything, the dream means to keep the faith. I love you. I love you too ~kiss~

Mariah and Tessa arrive at CL’s, just a bit late (as noted again by Noah) They’re thrilled when their potential birth Mother sends them a sonogram – it’s a girl. Her message reads ‘We can’t wait to meet you’. Mariah and Tessa cry and hug.

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