Friday, December 23rd, 2022

Are Tucker and Ashley growing closer? Or are they just playing one another? … Summer makes a stand with Diane … Realizing that hiding out doesn’t seem to be getting rid of Jeremy, Diane might have another idea… Chance and Sharon bond … Abby and Elena manage to bring Devon and Nate together.

Stopping by CL’s between shifts, Chance tells Sharon that he spent Christmas Eve with Dom and is now reporting for volunteer duty (cleaning up is the only thing left to do)

Running into Abby (with Dom in his stroller) Nate and Elena are sorry to hear that she and Chance have split up. When Devon opens his door to usher Abby in, Elena’s saddened that the cousins don’t speak to one another.

At the house, Jack, Traci and Ashley remark on how strong Abby is. It’s a shame they left before Kyle and Summer brought Harrison back from his adventure. Wondering why they aren’t back yet, Ashley asks Jack for info.

Jack hasn’t heard from Kyle but is sure they’ll be back sometime today. Without naming Ashley, he makes it clear that if she hadn’t brought Stark to town, they (and Diane) would be home.

At the cabin, Diane thanks Kyle and Summer for the best Christmas ever. And now it’s time to go make a snowman.

Tidying up discarded wrapping paper, Abby tells Devon that they saw Chance last night. They were able to show Dom that Christmas is all about family – but Abby thinks Devon needs a reminder of that (she too noticed that Devon and Nate didn’t speak)

When Nate shares his Abby-Devon theory with Elena, she doesn’t think it their business and why even speculate about it? Nate’s salty because Devon called him deceitful – perhaps the same can be said about him.

Devon tells Abby that Nate’s latest move is digging into his personal business (his break up with Amanda) If anyone’s forgotten what this holiday’s about it’s not me. Nate’s looking for something to use as retaliation.

Tucker arrives wearing a Santa hat and carrying a big sack full of gifts for everyone (Jack and Traci included) He’ll see Dom later at Devon’s. Still smarting from Jack’s veiled accusation, Ashley jumps at the chance to go out for lunch with Tucker.