Monday, December 26th, 2022

Running into Victor at Society, Adam appreciates him behaving during Christmas. Chelsea seemed fragile, Victor doen’t think Connor should be spending time with her.

Chelsea leaves Billy a message – hoping he has time to get together.

At the Glam Club, Daniel’s parents ask if he called Heather and Lucy to wish them Merry Christmas. No, Daniel didn’t.

Christine’s conflicted when reading the news that Danny’s in town. She flashes back to being married.

Lily drops by Devon’s to gush over Dom (sleeping)

In the park, Abby tells Chance that she got the divorce papers this morning. When she lists what they did for Christmas, Chance assumes – she must have seen Devon.

At the penthouse, Devon tells Lily that Elena and Abby got him together with Nate. But no, he hasn’t gotten over it.

At the Glam Club, Daniel and Phyllis coach Daniel – we’re here for you – talk to us. You’re not a failure but you’re clearly troubled.

Chelsea’s comfortable at CL’s -with her ‘safe space’ available just upstairs. Christmas at the ranch was overwhelming. The boys are getting along. That all sounds good to Billy – but we’re avoiding the elephant in the room; Victor.

Victor was on his best behavior but doesn’t trust me, Chelsea appreciates that Adam had her back. Billy’s grateful for Adam – but don’t tell anyone. Chuckling, Chelsea’s glad she called him.

Chelsea’s doing fine, Adam reassures Victor. Remember how long she faked her paralysis? Connor wants hs Mom home. Victor wants Adam to spend more time with family.

Just one day of being nice to Nate – Devon could handle it. Lily relays that Jill still wants to go public. He opposes. She’s not happy to hear that he talked to Tucker. He has a say in our business!?

You didn’t talk to your daughter on Christmas – what’s going on? Daniel was angry at little things =- made their lives miserable. I pushed them to the brink and let them slip away, he concludes.

You’re Not a failure, Phyllis reassures. Danny says he did fail but you’re working on it. Daniel was drinking and partying too much. Phyllis would have been on the first plane to Savanah. Daniel was feeling lost and lonely when he came across a video game he used to play with Lucy. Phyllis understands the need to escape in video games. Daniel talks about finding Princess Louisa in a Mythical landscape.

Billy will always be there for Chelsea – do you want to go for a walk ? Movie? Chelsea has something else in mind.

Tucker’s not a consultant – we just had someone try to steal the company. Jill wants it. We’ll live to regret it.

Chance wants to see Dom. Abby – he’s still at Devon’s. Chance will adjust to the new dynamic.

Victor wants Adam to spend more time at ranch,. Adam only came for Connor. He has no connection; I can be dropped at any time.

Danny’s proud of his son for learning from his mistakes and moving forward. If I can help just let me know. Daniel could use his Dad’s assistance with composing a score. Phyllis excitedly reports that a picture she just posted got 15500 likes. You’re superstars.

At home, Christine -flashes back to an emotional conversation with Danny – the woman he’s involved with has threatened- to go public with our affair. I couldn’t do it to you. I was your wife! Chris was ready to leave her career for the man she loved. Now you want a divorce?! The pain – now you want to pick up where we left off. It’s over. Daniel said what he came to say – I’m sorry. Is there a baby? Yes, Daniel has a son. Get out! I want to be with you. We missed our chance. Go catch your flight. Good luck with everything. You too – hug. Kiss – tears.

Abby Devon from the park – Chance wants to stop by to visit Dom. No need for you to leave. Devon will run and errant. Wnds call – we can go whenever you’re ready.

Daniel reassures his parents- feels unstoppable, has a few things to wrap up – will you come wirk with me? he asks Phyllis

Victor implores Adam to come back to our family, our company – you don’t belong at Jabot. Too late – Adam needed actual loyalty and actual love.

Billy and Chelsea return to her apartment with supplies to make an egg drop device; handcrafted contraoption to protect egg if it falls. Let’s get building, Billy’s interested.

Phyllis is still holding out hope that Summer will come to her senses and rehire her. Daniel and Danny don’t get why she’d work with Diane. She’s wormed her way into the Abbott family and my daughter’s life.It’s been one lie after the other. Horrendous things in LA. Only thing I’m guilty of is protecting my family. You deserve better – Dan

Phyllis hated Danny for taking Daniel – but he turned out OK, they agree

Victor says Sdam’s his own worsted enemy. You have nothing and it’s your own damn fault!