Tuesday, December 27th, 2022

After discussing how much fun the kids had over Christmas, Nick and Vikki are about to discuss the Johnny/Chelsea situation when Victor mopes into the office. What’s wrong? You can tell us, Vikki cajoles.

At CL’s, Sally smiles as she flashes back to being in the park with Nick. Adam arrives and is granted permission to join her. His Christmas was spent with his family and lots of kids. Sally’s was quiet. What’s going on with you? he’s puzzled

Kyle watches as Jack scolds Diane for making the decision to come back to town (the house) without discussing it with him. There wasn’t time – we need to get the upper hand on Jeremy – NOW.

In his suite, Jeremy admires his money and seems impatient to get the other half.

Standing by the deal he made, Jack’s got the rest of the money to deliver to Stark. Diane has a better idea – make him come to ME.

Jack doesn’t like Diane’s plan. Kyle thinks she has a point – we have to stop playing defense – Mom can pull this off. Diane knows Jeremy well enough to set a trap. Trust that I can handle this. Jack reluctantly agrees – but we do this together.

Adam wonders why Sally’s drinking herbal tea. She’s starting her resolution early; giving up caffeine. When Chloe appears, Adam wishes them good luck with the new business and exits.

Victor just ran into Adam; he was belligerent and argumentative and assigning blame. Nick and Vikki wonder how many times Victor’s going to try. Adam will never change – and this comes from someone who wanted to believe he could (Nick) Victor wonders when he’ll stop cavorting with his brother’s ex.

Nick’s loyal to the company and family; opportunities Adam’s thrown back in your face time after time. This has nothing to do with Sally. No, Nick didn’t look at the dossier. If you keep interfering in my personal life watch what happens. Nick understands why Adam’s not around – you (Victor) manipulate the lives of everyone in this family (and with that he slams out)

Back at CL’s, Chloe’s all business – while Sally looks nauseous. Has seeing Adam made you sick? Chloe wonders. Excuse me, Sally runs off.

Meeting her Mom at Society, Summer’s sorry they didn’t get to spend time together over Christmas. Danny came to town, Phyllis reports. The other surprise? Daniel offered her a job; leading a team of tech specialists. She tentatively said yes (but is clearly hoping Summer will reconsider firing her from Marchetti)

Phyllis loved working with Summer (who still thinks her leaving is for the best and Daniel’s job is a better fit) I’ve lost you, Phyllis talks through her tears. I don’t understand why you blame me for what happened with Diane. You turn your back on me – you break my heart, Phyllis leaves Summer looking sad.