Wednesday, December 28th, 2022

Expecting to spend New Years by herself, Traci’s delighted when Danny appears at TGP.

With bubble wrap, sticks and his Mother’s supervision, Connor’s devised his egg drop device. He’s seen the one in the closet. Billy and I got carried away – but Chelsea wants Connor to turn his own creation into school. Billy’s cool, isn’t he? Connor asks. He can be, Chelsea agrees.

Lily doesn’t seem thrilled that Billy’s chosen a quiet place in the park to celebrate New Year’s. Getting dressed up and making a big deal out of it didn’t seem right this year (to him)

Nick shows up at Sally’s suite with all kinds of soup for her upset stomach. He likes taking care of her. He’s even brought ginger ale for their midnight toast.

At Society, Jack eavesdrops as Diane asks if her offer is of any interest. Jeremy would find getting his money back desirable. Did you turn state’s evidence against me to put me away? he asks.

Daniel and Traci take a seat to catch up. He’s staying in the hotel and just came down for a glass of champagne. You look fabulous, he wants to know everything she’s been up to. Lauren joins in to ask if they’re getting the band back together without her.

When his Dad drops by Connor immediately manages to mention Billy, not once but twice. He made an egg device AND made Mom smile.

Lily and Billy both realize that the view of the fireworks isn’t the problem. I’m worried about us. Me too.

Jack continues to lurk as Diane vows she didn’t betray Jeremy. She missed the excitement he brought to her life and wants it back.

Sally gently rejects Nick’s offer to spend New Year’s Eve with her. If you change your mind, I’m only a text away, he kisses her on the cheek. Happy New Year – feel better, After he leaves, Sally looks conflicted.

Lily’s issue isn’t with Chelsea, it’s that Billy didn’t plan anything special for New Year’s Eve. She doesn’t know how they’ll get back on track. We start couples therapy next week, he reminds. Lily feels that their spark is gone. We’re very different people with very different goals, she’s not sure they have enough in common to stay together.

Starting up again would be a huge risk – and Jeremy doesn’t believe Diane ran out of town because she was scared because now, facing him, she doesn’t seem scared at all. Still eavesdropping, Jack looks hurt when Diane talks about the unbreakable bond she shares with Jeremy. This town is killing me; she wants the risk and reward. Jeremy finds this an interesting proposition.