Tuesday, January 3rd, 2022

Phyllis has summoned Ashley to the Glam Club to complain that Diane’s back in town and her own daughter chose to spend Christmas with her. Ashley gets it – Jack’s all over Diane too. We’re all in danger now, they agree.

Over drinks at the house, Jack and Diane scheme about tricking Jeremy into thinking she wants to be with him again. Detecting his tone, she wonders if Jack worries that she won’t be able to pull it off – or if she will.

Abby hands Dom off to ‘Dad’ then wheels the stroller into the penthouse. Devon appreciates her allowing Tucker to see him. Abby would like to stay for the visit if that’s OK. Tucker appears – obviously happy to see the little family together.

Jack only went along with this scheme to get rid of Stark; he’s not comfortable with any of this and insists Diane continue to stay on at the house while she performs.

Phyllis and Ashley agree that Jack’s blind to Diane – they all are. She’s a sociopath – her plan’s working. Summer appears – I’ve been trying to get hold of you. It’s Phyllis’ turn to blow her off.

Dom in his lap, Tucker appreciates Abby allowing him to be in his grandson’s life. She’d like to get reacquainted with Tucker too (but really only wants to know how long he’s in town and why) While Devon takes Dom to bed, Tucker knows Abby doesn’t trust him, and nor should she.

Abby’s got Tucker’s number. But he’s not that man since his enlightening time in the ashram. He’d never do anything to hurt Dom. You said the same thing about my Mother, Abby guesses.

Ashley leaves Summer to confront her Mom. Phyllis doesn’t want to have this talk because she’s devastated. Summer’s sorry – she just wants to keep her family safe and is worried about Harrison and Kyle. I’M your Mother, Phyllis would move mountains for her daughter and walk through fire but doesn’t know how to forgive her for choosing Diane over her. When Daniel appears, Phyllis has to go – I can’t talk about this anymore. What was that all about? Daniel’s left to ask his sister.

Diane lists why she can’t stay in the house and doesn’t understand why Jack gave Jeremy so much money. He thought he was buying her freedom. Kyle walks in on Diane insisting they do things her way.

Diane appreciates Jack’s offer but the plan hinges on her convincing Jeremy that she wants him back. She plans to move back to TGP but won’t abandon her family. Kyle and Jack don’t like it. I’ll be fine, don’t you trust me? she WILL make this work – it’s the only way I’ll be part of this family.