Wednesday, January 24th, 2022

At CL’s, Sally calls to make a doctor’s appointment. Is everything OK? Adam appears to ask.

At the penthouse, Abby and Devon exchange ‘good mornings’. Dom’s at the park with the nanny. Abby feels mild guilt but is happy and knows she’s in the right place ~hug~

Lily ends a call with Jill to update Audra that the IPO is back on. It’ll be a huge success in unimaginable ways, Audra’s thrilled; Lily’s oblivious.

At Jabot, Diane raises an eyebrow when Summer barely responds to her ‘good morning’ and tells Kyle ‘we need to talk’.

Ashley confronts Jack at the house. She won’t allow him to blow her off like he did last night (the topic is the kiss with Diane she walked in on)

Jack and Ashley argue about whether or not Diane’s part of the family. Kyle’s forgiven her. Ashley can’t. Jack finds it ironic that she’s opposed to a ‘viper’ coming into this house.

Abby has to go home to change – she can’t show up at work in the same clothes, Plus, she doesn’t feel at home in the Chancellor mansion. Devon’s supportive – we don’t have to rush into anything.

** This week’s spoilers come proofread and spellcheck-free from the East Coast, where I’m visiting my grandchildren 🙂

Adam wasn’t listening to Sally’s call but scoffs at her wanting privacy at a public coffee shop. You look tired – what’s keeping you up at night? You mean ‘who’ is keeping me up at night, she corrects.

What keeps Sally up at night is starting her new business. Adam’s sure she and Chloe will be a success. Sally is suspicious of him being ‘nice’ but is sorry she’s taking her bad mood out on Adam – she has too much on her plate.

Daniel doesn’t seem happy when reading Heather’s text announcing that he’s heading up CW’s new gaming division. Lucy will be so excited – but she needs more time. Arriving to meet Noah, Abby chats with Daniel. When are Heather and Lucy coming? He doesn’t know.

Audra gets a text that needs her attention so will give Lily and Devon ‘the room’ (so he can gripe about the IPO going ahead) Why would you want to limit the success of CW? she doesn’t get it.

When it’s obvious that Diane’s not going anywhere, Summer makes it obvious to her and Kyle that she’s pissed off at her Mother in law. After she clip-clops off, Diane steps aside to take a call from Jeremy.

Kyle doesn’t like that his Mother’s going to meet Jeremy – I’ll tell Dad. No, Diane can handle this on her own; she doesn’t need Jack following her.