Thursday, January 5th, 2023

At Society, Lily’s not hungry. Billy wants to start with a drink. Couple’s therapy was ‘brutal’.

Nick knocks on Sally’s door – it’s me – you OK? Letting him in, she panics when seeing the pregnancy paperwork she left out (as Nick jokes about why she’d ghosted him)

At the house, Harrison’s been settled in with a movie so Summer and Kyle can continue their discussion. Do you really want to take our son out of the country? he’s peeved.

On the patio, Jack reads a text from Diane (I can handle this) I’m worried about a friend, he admits to a concerned Sharon. Someone close to you, she can tell.

At the Glam Club, Diane looks ‘chic’ and the thoughtful Jeremy’s ordered her favourite champagne. She hopes they have something to celebrate but clinking glasses both decide to wait and see where the evening goes first.

Chance catches Sharon staring at her phone; dying to know how things are going but hoping the best for Mariah and Tessa. How’s he been? When Chance talks about work, Sharon was asking how HE is, not work.

Back at the house, Summer doesn’t agree with Kyle that what’s necessary is being done. None of this is necessary.

Over bubbly, Diane and Jeremy reminisce about their wild escapades. Out old methods and locations wouldn’t work (unless we want to get arrested) Perhaps we can travel separately – or find a target in town. Jeremy wouldn’t mind a piece of the Glam Club.

What’s that? Nick watches Sally throw a piece of paper away. A draft of a business plan – not worthy of looking at, she assures. Nick hopes her stomach bug didn’t come back. Nope, I’m fine. You sure? (Nick obviously isn’t)

Billy and Lily are still reeling from their therapy session. The doctor doesn’t have a sense of humour but nothing he said was wrong. His questions; their answers revealed they have little common ground.

Sharon wants to know how Chance is handling everything. Life’s weird right now, he’s adjusting to not seeing Dom every morning. Sharon can relate – she eats dinner alone almost every night. Chance too. Hey, she has an idea.

Bribes and threats and Diane pretending to leave town didn’t get rid of Stark – what happens when he feels trapped or provoked? My Mom’s risking her life, Kyle’s hurt – I wouldn’t risk you or Harrison; I hope you know that.

On the patio, Jack sends Diane a text – are you done with Stark, I need to know you’re OK.

This place wouldn’t be a good fit, Diane explains that it’s owned by Victor Newman; TGP is owned by two other power families. Listen to me – you don’t need this headache. She hopes they can be on the same side again. Not so fast, Jeremy needs her to pass a loyalty test.