Friday, January 6th, 2023

At home, Devon’s on the phone – what was the name of the LC? That’s what I thought – send me the report tonight – thanks.

Rapping on Tucker’s door, Audra’s annoyed that he’s ignoring her calls and moreso when he ‘blows her off’ when she excitedly updates that CW’s IPO is imminent. Cold feet? Tucker will be in touch. Unceremoniously shown the door, Audra looks worried when Devon summons her to the office by text.

At CL’s, Daniel wants coders that are inspired – don’t just look at resumes – meet candidates in person. He wants a passionate and loyal team. Phyllis is still salty about Summer not showing her any loyalty. Daniel’s sorry about that but I’m your boss – don’t make it so clear I’m your second choice.

Over drinks at the Abbott house, Jack and Diane discuss grand larceny. Nikki’s the target; Jack will ‘smooth things over with her’ after their plan to get rid of Jeremy works. Big-eared Ashley appears – if you think you’re gonna smooth something over with me, you’re dead wrong!

Jack’s discussing the safety of his guest in our home, about her safety – which YOU put at risk. Diane doesn’t want to come between the siblings. Sure you don’t! Ashley marches out.

Phyllis is so excited about being in charge of the tech team at Megasphere. But, no, she hasn’t looked at the resumes Daniel’s sent her. I won’t let you down the way Summer did to me, Phyllis is hurt that she chose Diane over her. Daniel’s pretty tired of hearing about it.

Lily’s surprised that Devon’s gathered her and Audra to the office. Told that all due diligence has been done so Nate won’t be a threat, Devon’s not worried about him – we have a new traitor in the company, he eyeballs Audra.

Having nowhere else to go, Ashley shows up at Tucker’s with a bottle of wine. After she rants about the ‘Diane fresh-hell’ she’s in, Tucker chuckles as he brings over wine glasses. This is ‘heavenly’ to him.

Jack won’t have Diane blame herself – Ashley’s unreasonable. Diane appreciates his support and changes the subject to her urge to kiss him.

First tipped off that Audra’s working with Tucker by their distinctive ringtones, Devon also knows that the LLC that paid off her debt is ‘Only Eyes For You’; the name of the first song Tucker produced. Have you been working with Tucker all along? Lily accuses.

Tucker pours more wine for the wild and firey Ashley. He’s glad she can be herself – messy and complicated; nothing sexier to him. What are you gonna do about it? Ashley pulls him in for a kiss.

Naked and in bed, Ashley hates that she loves this but there’s no evidence we work. I’m a scientist and too smart to fall for you again. Tucker will go take a shower while Ashley enjoys the Diane-free space and orders room service.