Friday, January 13th, 2023

After catching up with Daniel for a few minutes, Chelsea thanks Billy for the coffee and heads back upstairs. Enjoy the rest of your night, Billy heads out the front door. Well, that was pleasant, Daniel lies. Lily’s silent.

When Diane comes to the house, Summer’s alarmed – I can see you’re looking over your shoulder like you might have been followed. No, it’s not OK, she disagrees with Kyle. This criminal from your past is a real threat. Diane’s confident no one followed her and is eager to put this final piece from her past behind her.

When Tucker arrives, Abby tells him to save his charm and heads off to the restaurant. Tucker’s ready to tell Devon what he did and why.

Tucker brings Devon to tears when going back to first coming into his life – slowly forming a relationship – producing a song together. His dream is to work with his son again; Devon running Hamilton-Winters, Ashley (his wife) running Jabot. He just wants to work side by side with the two people who mean the most to him.

When Jack returns home with the necklace, Summer recognizes it. Jeremy’s loyalty test explained, she’s horrified – you stole it?!

When Billy arrives at Society, Adam confronts him about being Chelsea’s savior. Lily sees it too. I said back off, Billy shouts in his face.

You’re blaming me because Chelsea’s not leaning on you! Billy shouts – are you that self obsessed? Abby runs out – take your fight outside, you’re scaring my customers. After Adam leaves, she asks Billy what’s wrong.

Jack promises to return the necklace before Nikki even notices it’s missing. What if you get caught?! Summer doesn’t want any part of this, nor does she want Kyle involved. Diane’s left to tell Jack that this is exactly what she didn’t want – to bring more turmoil to this family.

Lily’s sure Billy’s already told Chelsea everything. No, she’s not OK – just tired. She thanks Daniel for listening and leaves.

Upstairs, Chelsea folds the blanket, flashing back to gently placing it over him. She’s surprised when Adam comes knocking – what’s wrong?

Devon doesn’t believe Tucker’s changed. You said you wanted to be closer to me but have alienated me instead. He bets Ashley feels the same way, You set out to get everything but wound up with nothing. Get out of my house. What can I do to fix it? Tucker’s finally forced to comply.

Claiming that he’s just checking in on Chelsea, Adam eyes snacks on the table and concludes that she was watching a movie. OK, see you tomorrow, he leaves.

Diane thanks Jack for going to such lengths to protect her. I won’t be able to sleep tomight, she’s nervous. I’m with you every step of the way, Jack finds her courage very attractive ~kiss~