Monday, January 16th, 2023

Phyllis sashays over to Jeremy as he’s eating his breakfast at Society. What game are you playing? You’re using Diane OR you and Diane are playing Jack – which is it?

Having been up all night, Jack tells Diane that he wants to accelerate their plan.

Sharon tops up Chance’s coffee. He’s distracted, been doing some soul-searching. Have you come to any conclusions? she asks.

So? Whaddaya think? Jack asks. Smart, elegant, Diane thinks it just might work – then she can stop looking over her shoulder and focus on what’s in front of her. When do we start? We already have, Jack replies.

Sharon sits to give Chance some friendly advice. Follow your instincts – if you have doubts about your career you need to examine things on a much deeper level.

Jeremy finds everything about Phyllis ‘fun’. By the end of the day, he’ll know where Diane’s loyalties lay. What are you up to? Phyllis asks again. You’re not my target, Diane is. She has to pay for everything she’s done. Jeremy’s impressed that Phyllis isn’t afraid of him. On cue, Diane calls asking to meet Jeremy somewhere intimate. His suite it is.

Jack praises Diane – step one is done. Now, it’s time for me to play my part. Coming downstairs with Kyle, Summer immediately notices that Diane’s wearing yesterdays dress – did you spend the night???

Phyllis finds it interesting that Diane’s requested a meeting with the man she claims to be terrified of. Jeremy chalks it up to a slight misunderstanding. He won’t share what Diane’s up to and warns Phyllis not to push it. He leaves and Daniel arrives to get an earful about Diane and her criminal ex. Daniel’s annoyed – this needs to stop.

Diane slept in the guest room. We had to make it look like she was in Chicago, Jack explains. We’re combining a few steps of the plan to speed things along. Not wanting to hear any details, Summer slams out – Kyle quickly follows. That leaves Diane to blame herself for causing the young couple stress. Jack reassures that everything will be fine soon – are you ready? Let’s take him down, Diane is.

Hearing that Chance liked working under cover because he got to pretend to be someone else, Sharon poses a thought provoking question – how much time have you spent being yourself? Doing what YOU want to do?

Phyllis DOES want this to stop, but Diane’s cooking up a scheme with that criminal. Jack and I were together until Diane came to town to poison his mind, she complains to Daniel that he’s falling under her spell – they were kissing the other day. I want her really, really gone.

Catching up to Summer at the office, Kyle rejects the idea of going to Paris with Summer. She’s furious that Jack and Diane stole Nikki’s necklace.

Dressed to impress in emerald green, Diane hands the necklace over to Jeremy. In his suite they admire the perfect piece of jewelry. Of course it’s Nikki’s; she’s been photographed wearing it many times and look at the tag – N & V. Jeremy wants details – how did you get past the security system? Diane guessed the code was their anniversary. Jeremy’s impressed – Diane’s exceeded his wildest expectations. We need to steal from the rest of GC’s rich and powerful, starting with your redheaded arch enemy.