Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

My apologies. This day ahead was not published a day ahead. For ….. reasons.

Billy – what’s wrong? Picked up and brought inside, he tells Chelsea – it’s over.

Daniel’s so busy blathering on about how wonderful the park is, that it takes him a while to realize that Lily’s in distress. Do you want to be alone? Or company?

Just two content guys enjoying a beer at the Glam Club, Noah asks Nick about his relationship with Sally.

Chloe thinks they’ve gone over their work enough tonight. The clock’s ticking – you need to make a decision. Sally IS making decisions (about her upcoming sales pitch to Jill) You need to make decisions about this pregnancy, Chloe nags.

Sally might be able to ignore this pregnancy but Chloe can’t. Here’s some prenatal vitamins.

Chelsea claims to understand that Billy doesn’t want to talk about it but that doesn’t mean she can’t talk. Movie? Not just any movie – the dumbest movie of all time. Yeah, let’s do that (she’s worn Billy down)

Lily’s all talked out – or is she? Her relationship with Billy is over – so is her partnership with Devon. Everything’s falling apart all at once, she leans on Daniel’s welcoming shoulder.

Sally doesn’t trust the home test. OK, she went to her OBGYN too. This is happening, you can’t avoid it, Chloe knows she’s scared – you’re not alone. And you have the support of the baby’s father too, right?

Not sure how serious he and Sally are, Nick asks Noah the same. Noah’s happy; Ally gives him support, stability, consistency. Nick can only wish he and Sally were there. Cheers to you for having it all. (Relationship Tip: If your first three words to describe your girlfriend are synonyms for boring, you do NOT have it all)

Granted permission to speak (unless it’s generic platitudes) Daniel asserts that what’s happening to Lily sucks and isn’t fair (words no one should utter past Grade 4) Lily chose to be with Billy and partner with Devon; I’ve failed in my personal and professional lives. Not so, says Daniel. He then proceeds in blowing so much smoke up Lily’s ass that her eyes are watering.

Billy and Chelsea are thoroughly enjoying the worst movie ever. After Billy laughs himself to sleep, she smiles as she tidies up and puts a blanket over him.

Not yet in love with Sally or not ever? Noah asks. We’re having fun and taking things slow. We’re in agreement on not making this complicated, Nick forebodes.

Nick and I aren’t in a serious relationship, Sally doesn’t want to make him feel trapped. Chloe’s sure he’ll want to help figure it out. No – Sally needs more time. There IS no time. The baby will be apparent to everyone soon.