Friday, January 13th, 2023

After Kyle leaves, Adam marches over to ask what Victor was talking to him about. I asked him how you were doing at Jabot. What are you up to? Adam wants to know.

Harrison down for the night, Kyle tells Summer that her grandfather wants help getting Adam fired from Jabot – so he can be brought back to Newman.

Still at the Glam Club, Diane will soon deliver a piece of jewelry that will show Jeremy she’s serious about working with him. Why wait? He wants to go to Chicago with her – let’s pull off the heist together.

At the penthouse, Devon tells Abby that he’s making the right decision. It’s time to trust his own instincts. He’ll buy back the company he and Neil built.

Lily and Daniel are continuing to reconnect when Chelsea and Billy come down to the coffee shop.

While Billy goes to the counter to order, Chelsea chats with Daniel. Lily looks awkward when Billy comes over to say that he must be too busy with his gaming platform to do anything else.

Kyle didn’t agree to push Adam out of Jabot but didn’t exactly tell Victor ‘no’ either. He’s still salty over Jack hiring him and will never understand his Dad’s allegiance to Adam.

Back at Society, Victor hopes Connor doesn’t grow up wanting nothing to do with his Father. I was left to grow up in an orphanage. I’m not getting through to you am I, son? He wants to talk Father to Father.

Victor’s only ever tried to teach and protect Adam. How will you feel if Connor grows up to tell you to go to hell? It was your Mother’s decision to raise you in Kansas. Once again hoping Adam never goes through this with Connor, Victor leaves him to think.

It’s a one-person job, Diane has it all planned and doesn’t need Jeremy looking over her shoulder. She’ll prove herself to him and pay Nikki back. OK but Jeremy wants to go upstairs for a nightcap. Diane doesn’t have time but will let him know the second she’s back.

In the park, Tucker contemplates reaching out to Devon.

Abby agrees that Devon should trust his intuition but Lily went into this with good intentions – unlike Tucker. Speak of the devil, Devon reads a text – Tucker wants to meet with him for 10 minutes. Encouraged by Abby, Devon will give him 5.