Wednesday, January 11th, 2023

Lily knows she’s been through worse but this still feels horrible. Daniel’s sure things will get better. He crashed and burned, wallowed in his own misery – tanked his career and relationship. You’re just in stage 1 – hurt. Daniel blamed Heather and Lucy – and that drove them away.

Billy calls out for ‘Chelsea’ a few times in his sleep before sitting bolt upright – NO! He’s not sure what that was. She suspects his nightmare had something to do with that night on the roof.

Billy doesn’t want to burden Chelsea with his emotions. The only burden Chelsea feels is not knowing how badly this has affected Billy. We’re the only two people who know what happened on the roof. Talk to me, she implores.

Daniel went a little crazy – on a self-destruct binge. No, he’s not being too hard on himself but hopes to make things better for himself and in turn for Lucy. Here comes the smoke again. Daniel knows Lily to be strong, kind and fair – Billy and Devon failed YOU (and Devon failed everyone else too – by ending the partnership)

Sally tells Chloe that she and Nick are going for dinner and drinks. Without the drinks? Chloe knows Sally can only use that stomach bug excuse for so long.

Daniel believes Devon failed himself more than anyone – he won’t be working alongside your brilliant mind. Lily hopes things work out but can’t guarantee what will or won’t make it through to the next stage.

Am I interrupting? Nick politely asks Chloe to join them for dinner. Nope – Chloe needs to get home to the kids. The last to leave, she takes a second to display the pregnancy vitamins where they’re sure to be seen.

Billy feels guilty for showing Chelsea that spot on the roof. If he didn’t say the right things, if he screwed up, it’d have caused another loss (Delia) Having that dream almost every night, it plays out for Billy in slow motion – my heart is wrapped in a fist. Chelsea’s devastated for him.

Seated at Society, Nick’s glad to hear that Sally’s appetite is back. But first – drinks to toast to your inevitable success. What’ll it be? Wine? Spicy Martini? Sally forces a smile.

Chelsea’s sorry that Billy’s so affected by what happened that night. Billy finds the world with Chelsea in it more interesting, more fun – it’s real. You’re a bright spot in my day. I wouldn’t change that for anything. Chelsea thinks the world is a much better place with him in it too.

Lily thanks Daniel for being such a good friend. That’s what friends are for (he manages to get out one cliche) She doesn’t know what will happen at CW but promises to do her best to bring Megashere to fruition. She hopes Heather and Lucy will notice. We can’t fail, they remain cautiously optimistic as they stand side by side in the park.