Thursday, January 12th, 2023

At Society for dinner, Sally declines drinks – she needs to be sharp for her meeting with Jill. There’s no one else she’d rather spend the evening with than Nick. Oh look – here’s Adam, staring at them.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle and Diane chat. Summer’s been convinced that it wasn’t necessary to take Harrison to Paris. Neither have heard from Jack – on his way to Chicago to steal something from Nikki’s pied de tere. Once Jeremy’s convinced of her loyalty, they can move on to the next phase of their plan. Kyle’s concerned that his Mother seems to be getting a kick out of the game.

Having emailed the contract back, Audra looks forward to joining Newman Media. She ends the call when Tucker shows up at her suite. You’ve blown it for Devon and me, Tucker accuses Audra of being messy – I won’t forget it.

That was surprisingly non-confrontational, Sally dives just a bit too eagerly into menu choices. What’s Nick thinking? That we should go elsewhere. Pretend he’s not even here – but Sally can’t help but glance over at the bar.

Diane’s not excited about any of this – she no longer thrives on the thrill of the game. Kyle helps his Mother into her coat – be careful. He’s left looking nervous about his Mom going to meet Jeremy.

** I wasn’t able to watch the show yesterday but will get it done asap.

You had one job to do! Tucker’s frustrated. Audra blames Dear Old Dad’s arrival in a helicopter – and their ring tones. You want to be the smartest guy in the room but your son’s smarter. Tucker whines about Devon cutting him off – I want to work side by side, to build something with him – same with Ashley. Audra’s as through with Tucker as he is with her. Nate drops by – is there a problem here? I was just leaving, Tucker leaves Nate to ask what he just walked in on.

Tucker was there to berate her because their plan failed. Nate wonders what Audra was planning with Devon’s Father and is surprised to hear that she was supposed to help him take over CW when it went public.

Kyle gets a call – this is a surprise. When and where? See you shortly. When Tucker drops by CL’s, Kyle taunts him for failing to get his business and Aunt (who’s heading to Paris tonight)

Sally asks Nick for tips on how to impress Jill (one of the most straightforward people you’ll ever meet – be real) While Nick teaches Jill 101, Sally looks over at Adam. Appreciating Nick’s insight, Sally’s changed her mind – we should go (be alone)

Diane just joined Jeremy for cocktails when Phyllis arrives to watch from afar.