Monday, January 16th, 2023

Diane’s been manipulating everyone in town, Phyllis is frustrated that Jack won’t open his eyes. Daniel’s frustrated – this is what it’s come to. Maybe I made a mistake asking you to join me at Megasphere. Phyllis is indignant – are you saying I have negative energy? Are you firing me? Hinting that the platform might not even get off the ground, Daniel suggests his Mom do some soul-searching. We can brainstorm later, he leaves. Tucker saunters over to ask ‘what’s on your mind, sunshine?’

Revenge may be sweet but freedom’s sweeter, Diane knows they’d be caught if they stole from her inner circle. Turn around, Jeremy challenges – don’t you trust me? It’s time to repay you for a job well done. Turn around, he repeats in a colder tone. Diane’s nervous as he places the necklace around her neck – you’ve earned it. Diane can’t wear this around town – this is for you. When Jeremy wants to seal their partnership with a kiss, Diane enthusiastically complies.

Kyle and Summer argue about Diane. This thing with your Mother will blow up. If you can’t see that you’re blind or lying to yourself! When Daniel arrives to ask if it’s a bad time, Kyle says no – your timing’s perfect, he’ll leave them to talk. Wanna tell your big brother all about it? Daniel asks.

Hearing about Daniel’s encounter with their Mom this morning, Summer worries that she’ll spin out of control. Oh, she’s already spinning, Daniel figures their next step is trying to save Mom from herself.

You’ll do, Phyllis has a question for Tucker – if I blackmailed and threatened this entire town and faked my own death and then sashayed back into town, with a criminal to tow, would I be welcome with open arms? No, I’d be tarred and feathered. I can’t take it much longer, she confesses.

Served a giant croissant, Chance wonders if he chose his life or did his life choose him? Am I doing what makes me happy? Sharon suggests he go back to therapy or taking a leave of absence from work. Jack arrives to say hello and take a seat – and watch Chance frown at his phone – well, this doesn’t happen every day – it’s the Chicago PD.

Diane would like some champagne. Jeremy would too – afterwards. Diane’s alarmed as he loosens his tie.

Phyllis just wants an explanation. No, she’s not finished, just taking a break. Tucker repeats the advice he gave Phyllis before the holidays – the more at peace you are the more things will go your way. Stop fighting the world so hard. What happened to ‘burning it all down’? Phyllis wants that guy back.

Mom’s an adult, she needs to solve her own problems and hopefully not pull everyone into her tornado, Summer sends Daniel on his way. Kyle returns to ask Summer if she was talking about her Mother or his. I was talking to my brother about our Mother, but the same could be said of yours. Kyle’s further annoyed when he gets a text from Victor (wanting him to drop by the ranch to discuss ousting Adam from Jabot)

Diane coughs – I must be allergic to your cologne. Jeremy will take a quick shower. Hurry, Diane encourages him. Hearing the water run, she hides the necklace in a drawer and tucks an envelope under his mattress.

As Chance walks by answering a call from the Chicago PD back, Jack gets a text from Diane – all set.