Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

On the patio, a frazzled Diane reassures Jack that she committed to her part. How committed? Not THAT committed (she didn’t sleep with Jeremy) All we can do now is wait, Jack says – and trust the process (and the GCPD)

A freshly showered Jeremy moseys out in his white robe wondering what Diane has in store for him. Uh oh – she’s gone and the GCPD is at the door. Pocketing the necklace, Jeremy opens the door. Why if it isn’t GC’s one and only detective, Chance.

Having received a call from Chicago PD, Chance has a warrant. To search the whole room? Afraid so. Jeremy at least would like a few minutes to change.

Again at Devon’s, Lily again hears that he’s determined to regain ownership and control of his company.

Joining Kyle in Jack’s office, Summer wastes no time passively-aggressively pushing his buttons. It doesn’t help that he’s wound tightly worrying about his Mom.

Though Kyle worries about his parents, Summer insists it was the right thing to do (refuse to hear details of the plan) Kyle again balks at Summer comparing their Mothers. I’m protecting MY Mother from the dangerous criminal YOUR Mother lured to town!

At Society, Phyllis confirms that she is indeed angry. The interesting and ruthless Tucker would get it. Have you not been listening? All Tucker ever hears is Phyllis ‘bitching’ about Diane. She’s using Jack while cozying up to Stark, Phyllis continues. Cozying up? Tucker finally seems mildly interested.

What the hell is wrong with you? Jill fumes on camera at Devon (Lily at his side for the video chat) When the ladies worry about the company, Devon makes it clear that he doesn’t give a rats ass about profits. His company has never been about making money. Devon appeals to them on an emotional level – as your brother and Katherine’s grandson.

Everything you need to know is in the warrant. Searching the room, Chance wonders why Jeremy isn’t curious enough to even read it. If I was being wrongfully searched, I’d want to know why.

Phyllis goes from whining about Diane and Jack to Summer firing her and Daniel second-guessing hiring her. Tucker points out that she’s losing everything because of her crippling hatred for Diane.

Devon will be the first one to admit that he made a mistake merging HW and CW. He now realizes how important autonomy is to him. He respects and trusts Jill and Lily but he has different goals. The company he built with Neil bonded them and helped them heal. He won’t just hand it over to the highest bidder.

Finally checking the bed, Chance asks Stark to step away. Pulling out an envelope, he crows – well, look at that; photos and schematics for a building in Chicago – that the Newmans just so happen to own a condo in; that just so happened to have been broken into last night – by a man the same size as Stark wearing a black windbreaker. Do you own one of those?