Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

Calling his Dad, Kyle’s updated – your Mom’s with me, the plan’s underway. The best thing you can do is reassure Summer that the family is safe. Was that Jack? Summer appears as soon as he hangs up.

I don’t know the Newmans, Jeremy feigns innocence. Chance informs that one necklace was stolen – the housekeeper found a pair of reading glasses by the safe – with your finger prints on them. I’m being set up, I was here all night! And yes, Jeremy does mind Chance doing a body search. You really should have read the warrant, Chance says once again – you don’t have a choice.

Is Diane safe? Summer asks. For now, Kyle wishes he could help. Summer thinks it best they don’t get involved. She’s just protecting their son. Kyle would never ask Summer to cut Phyllis from her life, no matter how much trouble she’s caused.

Tucker suggests Phyllis shift her focus to something more productive, like Daniel’s project – what it about? That’s top secret, stay away from my son, Phyllis’ ire amuses Tucker. Cheers.

Jill wishes Devon made this decision six months sooner. Asked for her opinion, Lily thinks Devon’s concerns ‘ridiculous’ – she wouldn’t risk her Father’s company. Devon reminds that they had two attacks before they even went public. It doesn’t feel safe. He must be the one to protect their Father’s company.

Jeremy blames Diane – he came to town to collect on a debt; she’s framing me. You can search the room all you want but you’re not searching me. We’re done here. Just as Jeremy opens the door for Chance, Diane and Jack appear.

Tucker preaches positivity; he’s been more ‘zen’ since his car crash. Phyllis makes it MORE clear that he’s not to talk to her son about business.

I didn’t buy your act for a second, Jeremy calls Diane a money-grabbing snake, then a lying bitch. What’s this? Chance holds up a black windbreaker. He’s been stalking me, Diane loudly claims. Chance tells Jeremy to save his story for his lawyers. This isn’t even his case. I need to search you. This man’s a menace – he’s threatened me over and over!! When Jeremy lunges at her, Chance grabs him. What’s this? he pulls out the necklace – which Jeremy insists Diane stole and brought to him earlier.

Jill understands Devon’s attachment – she feels the same about Kay’s company. This merger wasn’t just about numbers, it was about family. Agreeing with Jill that they need to weigh Devon’s feelings vs. the cost they’ll all incur, Lily asks Devon to leave them alone to talk.

Preposterous! Diane hasn’t been to Chicago in years. She was with Jack – all night. Her connection to Stark? She dated him, briefly. He’s been threatening me and my family since he was released from prison. Jack corroborates. She’s a filthy liar! Jeremy boasts that he’ll be out on bail by lunch. Chance disagrees – you’re a paroled ex-con in possession of stolen goods. You haven’t seen the last of me, Jeremy hisses as Chance hauls him out. It’s over, Diane hugs Jack.

Kyle’s argument with Summer (about their Mothers, of course) is interrupted by Jack’s text – Stark’s in custody. What’s wrong babe? It’s over, Kyle thinks things can go back to normal. For now, Summer adds.

Hearing Devon order a drink, Tucker accosts him at Society’s bar – what’s got you so rattled? I want to help in any way I can. Rejecting the offer, Devon drinks is Scotch in one gulp and leaves.

Devon returns home to find Lily there. She and Jill have worked it out and made a decision about Hamilton Winters.

Diane’s brought chaos into our lives, Summer complains. Listing everyone who’s been attacking his poor Mother, Kyle accuses her of blaming the victim. Well, that sets Summer off – everyone on that list wants Diane gone for a reason. She chose to abandon you – she chose to commit crimes and now she’s dragging us down with her. No one’s being ‘dragged down’!? Oh really?? Jack just broke into my grandmother’s apartment to steal a 7 figure necklace. That was one instance, Kyle manages to say with a straight face. Summer needs him to take his Mother off the pedestal and see her for who she is.

Jack and Diane enter the house laughing. We won’t be bothered by Stark anytime soon. Our plan worked perfectly. Jack calls Nikki – he heard about the burglary in Chicago – I have bad news – call me ~click~ Basking on Diane’s adoration, Jack wants to focus on what really matters – us ~kiss~