Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

At the penthouse, Lily knows this is deeply personal to Devon but Jill wants to go ahead with the IPO. They won’t sell Hamilton-Winters back to Devon. So, you’re gonna make this ugly, he sighs.

Vikki wants to play it by ear. Getting a text from Billy, Chelsea announces that the pizza will be slightly delayed and with the boys in Connor’s room and out of earshot – comments that Vikki’s not really happy about this.

Downstairs, Sharon, Mariah and Tessa bring Abby up to speed on their adoption process. The trip to Oregon went extremely well. Delphine has made her decision. Mariah and Tessa will adopt her baby.

Abby’s at CL’s to apologize to Sharon for the shouting match with Chance the other day. Sharon won’t judge or discuss Abby’s personal life with anyone. The subject is immediately dropped when Mariah and Tessa arrive. Sharon’s excited to hear baby news. The four overjoyed women squeal and hug.

As soon as Chelsea lets Vikki and Johnny in, the boys start chatting. Would it be OK if Johnny stayed to watch a movie after dinner?

Being honest, Vikki’s first instinct was to say no. She wants to support Johnny’s relationship with Connor but has reservations. About me, Chelsea guesses that Vikki doesn’t want Johnny to be around her.

Lily explains her and Jill’s decision. They’ll stick with the status quo – the IPO will be rebranded as Chancellor World Wide. Once the dust settles, we buy you out and you start another company. It’s win-win for everybody, Lily finishes her pitch to ask Devon ‘what do you think’???

Lily and Devon argue about whether him having to start another company from scratch is a ‘good deal’. Just think about it, she pleads. Let’s do something that will make our Dad proud. Devon can’t even look at his sister as she shows herself out.

Mariah and Tessa have much work to do but today is to celebrate. Delphine could change her mind – no matter what, we’ll have a child of our own. Dom’s credited with bringing them all together. Having a moment alone, Mariah and Abby go to the patio to talk.

Lily joins Billy at Society’s bar. He’s just there to get pizza for Johnny and Connor – they’re hanging out at Chelsea’s. He can see that something’s going on. Just work – not your problem to solve anymore, Lily says without malice. Still caring about Lily, Billy invites her to lean on him. Lily takes a bar stool.

This is about Johnny, Vikki’s trying to operate in good faith but struggling to adjust to the new dynamic (which is happening too quickly) Chelsea’s sorry she blindsided Vikki. You’re his Mom – his only Mom. We’re on the same side, she promises.

On the patio, Abby’s happy for Mariah and Tessa. Things with Chance are complicated. You should hear this from me first – Chance and I are¬†¬†getting a divorce. Mariah’s so sorry – but you’ll be amazing co-parents. And You and Tessa will be amazing parents. Abby’s left to read a text from Devon – are you free?