Wednesday, January 18th, 2023

Still at the bar, Lily lists everything that’s going wrong – including the loss of a man she loved. Billy hasn’t given up hope. He consoles and supports her – losing two COO’s and your brother/partner isn’t a reflection of your leadership skills. Do you have any regrets? No, Lily’s proud. Good – Billy encourages her to see this as a golden opportunity.

How is everyone abandoning me an opportunity? Lily scoffs. Billy knows that when her back’s to the wall, Lily will come out stronger. Everyone will forget the family drama. Even Devon?? Especially Devon. Yes, Billy’s pizzas are getting cold – if there’s ever anything I can do to help …. Lily thanks him for the offer and the pep talk.

At the penthouse, Abby relays Mariah and Tessa’s good news. Devon’s happy for them – nice to hear good things are happening somewhere. Yes, he has Lily and Jill’s answer on dissolving the company. And? It’s not what he saw coming.

Delphine’s young and scared – trying to be who they want her to be. We’re doing the same, Mariah adds. Sharon’s assured that the father of the baby is relinquishing his parental rights but Delphine did raise some concerns.

Is everything alright? Billy’s surprised to find Vikki at the apartment. As she prepares to leave, Chelsea invites her to stay – it’ll be fun.

Devon tells Abby that the IPO will go ahead with the merged companies – they’ll buy him out so he can start a new company. Abby sees the bright side – you’ll make your sister happy and get to start a new venture. Your connection to Neil won’t be broken if you sell Hamilton Winters. He’ll be part of everything you do. Make your decision based on how you see your future, not how you feel about the past.

Abby wants our opinions on Society’s new pizza, Billy explains. When Johnny asks his Mom if she’s staying, Connor chimes in. Of course, she is – who says no to pizza?? The decision is made, however uncomfortable Vikki feels.

Delphine had many questions – would the baby have extended family? Mariah and Tessa told her about the family, the city – and even their history. Now, the Moms-to-be have a lot of questions for Chris. Sharon asks the most important question – when is the baby due? We could be Mom’s by the end of February!!!

After pizza, Johnny asks about desert. Vikki thinks he should let his dinner digest first. Chelsea grins and loudly whispers – we’ve got ice cream for later.  Connor wants Katie to come next time – this is a family dinner right? Needing to go pick Katie up, Vikki OK’s  Johnny staying to watch a movie – Billy will bring him home later. Assuring Chelsea that she’s alright, Vikki closes the door and shrugs into her coat. Through the door, she hears the foursome having fun inside; which saddens her.

Over a glass of wine at Society, Lily ponders a photo of her, Devon and Neil (on her phone)

Abby goes through some pros and cons of the established Hamilton-Winters vs. a new start up. Devon notices that Abby’s removed her wedding rings. Together, they can handle whatever life throws at either of them – we won’t have to face it alone ~kiss~