Thursday, January 19th, 2023

Diane relays her harrowing story of hiding the necklace – it being recovered – Jeremy’s in the custody of the Chicago PD. Things can go back to normal, she happily reassures Summer (who worries that he might come up with an alibi) Jack brags that he and Diane have protected the whole family. And broke more laws, Summer whelps – are we really supposed to be happy about that?

Everything OK? Sharon asks. Chance is just thinking about the Newman robbery; Stark’s in the custody of the CPD. The evidence listed, Sharon thinks the case cut and dry. Isn’t it though (Chance’s spidey senses tingle)

Hello son, I’m looking for Kyle, Victor runs into Adam at Jabot. No, you’re not here to see Kyle. Adam demands his Dad level with him, for once.

Morning sickness is no joke, Sally asks Chloe if everyone feels like this. Having worked so hard on the pitch for Jill, she’s frustrated. You can do this, Chloe encourages. They exchange a look when Nick comes knocking at the door.

The pieces fit but Chance thinks something’s off. Why was only one necklace stolen? Jeremy claims Diane and Jack framed him. This whole thing is so contrived, Sharon agrees – it does all sound too convenient.

What if Jeremy gets out on bail? Kyle worries he’ll come after his Mother. Confident that all’s good, Jack looks through the front door and announces Nikki’s arrival.

Sharon’s sure Chance arrested Stark by the book. Yes, he’ll get his day in court, but will it be a fair trial. He put his career first because he believed in what he was doing (past tense) Sharon knows all about bending the rules’ things aren’t always black and white. She basically suggests Chance quit the force, with her help.

The necklace was found on the thief, Jack tells Nikki that things could have been a lot worse. Diane’s ever so pleased to point out the irony to Nikki – your misfortune saved me. Imagine that.

Victor informs that he’s there to talk to Kyle about Harrison; the next generation of Newmans. Adam assumes his Dad’s already mapped out the kid’s life. You hate that I’m working here, he says with glee. Are you here to see if I’m crashing and burning? Victor scowls and raises his voice – What are you doing? Selling lipstick and make up for heaven’s sake, he mocks Adam. Hi sweetheart, Victor greets Summer, then Kyle – who he’s there to talk to. Adam’s NOT impressed.

There’s a lot riding on this pitch, that’s why Sally looks terrible. Recalling that she didn’t have a drink last night, Nick wonders if this could be morning sickness. Sally didn’t want to say anything until she was sure. I’m pregnant, she finally admits.

Back at CL’s, an animated Sharon suggests Chance become a dance instructor. Laughing along with her, he thanks her for getting him out of his head (something she’s remarkably good at doing) It feels natural to be ‘silly’ with Sharon. Getting a text from the Chicago PD, Chance needs to follow up on this. Wishing he didn’t have to leave, he eagerly accepts Sharon’s invitation to come back later. She can’t tear her eyes away from the door – even after Chance is gone.

Well. isn’t this pathetic, Adam mocks Kyle – letting my father pull your strings. After Victor decides to go wait in the office, Summer claims that Kyle asked grandpa for a favour re: Valentine’s. When Kyle joins Victor in the office, Adam feels sorry for poor Summer; being dragged into the family machinations once again. In the office, Victor asks Kyle why he hasn’t returned his calls.