Thursday, January 19th, 2023

When Chance stops by Jack’s, Nikki’s pleased to be able to thank him in person. She’s puzzled by there being no signs of a break in; almost like someone knew the code. Jack’s saved by the doorbell; or not. Chance arrives – Nikki was just telling Jack that they haven’t changed their codes in ages – but how did Stark guess it??

Sally was going to tell Nick. How do you feel about it? he asks. She can’t wrap her head around it. Nick still wonders why she didn’t tell him before.

Adam knows that whatever’s being discussed behind those closed doors has nothing to do with a Valentine’s surprise. Kyle’s being played. Victor’s an expert at it, he continues to work on Summer.

In the office, Victor scolds Kyle for not cutting ties with his Mother as soon as he learned of her connection to Stark. But, with family, it’s never easy, he acknowledges.

Nikki asks Chance if he has any theories on how Stark broke into the house and safe? Jack scoffs upon hearing that Stark claims to be innocent (he’s a crook who can’t be trusted!) Not like the fine upstanding citizens of GC who always play by the rules, Chance’s sarcastic remark reminds Nikki that she suddenly has to be somewhere. Chance gets to the point of his visit. Stark was arraigned in Chicago but denied bail. He has a lot to lose. Breaking in for one necklace doesn’t make sense to Chance – and why leave reading glasses behind – who does that? Is there anything else you two need to tell me???? Jack and Diane couldn’t look more guilty if they tried.

Jack has no other info to add except Stark repeatedly threatened Diane. Her standing up to him must have infuriating him. Chance has plenty of experience dealing with men like Stark – not rich people who think they can maneuver any situation to their benefit. Jack points out that things look OK to the Chicago PD and Judge. Yup, that’s how it looks, Chance will see himself out – thanks for your time.

Victor understands Kyle’s conflict – Diane will always be your Mother. Then why would you suggest I cut ties with her? Kyle then changes the subject to Adam. You must hate that he’s working alongside your Dad, Victor assumes. Kyle’s not too bothered. He’s busy with Marchetti – we don’t cross paths much. As for Adam, Kyle thinks him arrogant; none of us need the negative energy and drama he brings. For argument’s sake, how do you propose we go about getting Adam to leave Jabot and go back to Newman? Kyle wonders – it seems like a tall order.

Sally once tried to manipulate a guy into staying with her – how do you know I’m not doing that again? she tells Nick that she wanted things to stay sweet and sexy for a little longer. How can this not change everything?

Is this real? Is Jeremy gone? Diane’s feeling overwhelmed, free, like she has a future again – and it’s all thanks to Jack. He sees her as strong, formidable, amazing. You didn’t need saving, you just needed backup and support. Cue the sexy sax music – because it’s time for some senior sex.

Chance strides into CL’s to tell Sharon that he just had a conversation that reinforced every nagging doubt he had. I can’t do this anymore.

You’re getting way ahead of yourself, Nick’s calm and supportive. Be in denial with me just a bit longer, Sally isn’t ready for everything that comes next. Don’t stress, everything will be fine, Nick gives her a hug.

Kyle won’t be able to say ‘no’, Adam’s still with Summer. Victor corrupts even the most upstanding people. Summer finally strikes back – there’s no need for Kyle and grandpa to collude to get you fired from Jabot. As history has shown, you’ll ruin this all on your own.

Victor wants Kyle to make sure Adam takes a fall, a big fall. Then Victor will present him with an opportunity to pick himself up. Seemingly agreeable, Kyle would like something in return.