Friday, January 20th, 2023

After a tour of Newman Media, Nate encourages Audra to present her ideas. He won’t be the type of boss Devon was. Audra’s happy to hear that she’s brimming with ideas. Both thrive in an environment of shared collaboration.

At the office, Nikki tells Vikki all about the robbery in Chicago. The person they caught didn’t do it. Nikki’s sure Diane Jenkins is behind it.

Quite a journey getting here, Jack says (naked in bed) – any regrets? Yes, Diane wishes she’d confided in Jack long ago. I’ll never betray you.

Kyle asks Summer to sit in on his meeting with Victor. She hopes Kyle’s shut him down. Actually, I didn’t, Kyle admits.

At Society, Nick flashes back to Sally announcing her pregnancy. Victor joins him at the bar to asks why he’s deep in thought.

Nate’s impressed with Audra’s ideas – we’ll make a great team. Elena appears to ask why CW’s IPO guru is now part of Nate’s team.

Nikki lists the many reasons why Stark isn’t culprit. It’s Diane – and she must have had Jack’s help.

Diane and Jack are awkward when encountering Traci downstairs.

If all this is over, why is Summer still having to lie to her grandma about the necklace – and Adam (who doesn’t believe you and Victor are planning a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Victor asks if Nick’s mood has anything to do with Sally. Nick doesn’t want to hear any attacks on Sally. Something’s about to happen with Adam that will make things difficult if you’re seeing Sally. What are you plotting and scheming now? Nick sighs.

Nate explains that Audra now works for Newman Media. Elena’s sorry she misunderstood. Invited out for lunch, Nate tries to beg off but Audra won’t hear of it – you should never turn down lunch with your partner.

Upstairs, Nikki believes that Jack and Diane used her in their plot to get rid of Stark. Diane must have Jack wrapped around her little finger, Vikki thinks her Mother should just be happy that Stark’s behind bars.

Pouring coffee, Traci’s been downstairs for hours. We have nothing to hide, Jack wraps his arm around Diane; who will be spending a lot more time there.

Audra’s sure she’s the last person Sharon wants to see. Diplomatically, Sharon likes to make all her customers feel welcome. Would that change if I told you I was moving here permanently.

At Society, Nate raves about Audra; she’s already shining like a star. She’s not the only onw who’s shining today, Elena puzzles Nate.

Nick tells Victor that Sally’s starting a new business – she and Chloe are meeting with Jill about a partnership. Sally and I are getting closer so leave her alone. Throwing some money on the bar, he walks out.

Kyle explains that Victor wants Adam to fail so he can bring him back to Newman. I’ve taken care of all the risks, he reassures a nervous Summer.