Friday, January 20th, 2023

Changing to a happier subject, Vikki and her Mom discuss Katie’s dance class. Last night Vikki had to endure pizza night at Chelsea’s. This family dynamic won’t last long.

Nikki’s on her way out when Nick arrives. Vikki can tell that something’s going on and wants to know what that is.

At Society, Elena’s proud to announce that she saved the life of an elderly man they didn’t think would make it. Nate’s thrilled for her and will plan something special for her tonight.

Kyle had some conditions for Victor; his involvement would be minimal, it wouldn’t affect Jabot, and Jack can never find out. Summer’s horrified – if this plan fails, Jack will be the first person Adam goes to.

Jack tells Traci that he and Diane are romantically involved. Congratulations – Traci also noticed the lack of security. We’re out of danger, Jack announces. He thanks Traci for being so supportive. Diane’s left to say that telling everyone that their involved might not be a good idea.

Audra’s working for Noah’s Dad’s company – small world isn’t it? Sharon follows to offer lackluster Congratulations. Tell Noah he has nothing to worry about, Audra leaves to go make the Newmans even richer.

Diane worries about Kyle’s reaction. When people see how happy we are, they’ll accept it.

Imagine how Jack would feel if he knew you were conspiring behind his back. Let Adam fail all on his own. There’s more that Kyle hasn’t told Summer yet – this goes beyond getting rid of Adam.

Nick tells Vikki that Dad has a plan to bring Adam back home; to the family and the company.

Audra’s back in Nate’s office to say she hoped she didn’t jump the gun – but she’s set up a meeting with an important contact in Milwaukee. Nate’s onboard. We need to go pick her brain tonight – you free? Nate is. Audra’s hurried out of the office, leaving Nate to say something’s come up at the office – raincheck. Elena understands (but looks disappointed)

Jack tells Diane how happy he is. He doesn’t care what other people think. Kyle may need time to work through it but Jack’s ready to move forward with this relationship. Diane thinks they should take things slow – she really wants this to last as long as possible.

Kyle’s condition for helping Victor was regaining control of some textile factories that Newman took control of.

Neither Vikki nor Nick look forward to Adam being brought back to Newman. Dad’s up to no good and enjoying every second of it.

Victor wants to talk to Jill about a meeting she’s about to have with Sally Spectra – there’s something you need to know.