Monday, January 23rd, 2023

At Society, Phyllis and Daniel butt heads. He wishes she’d give up her obsession with Diane to work on his project. Your future with Megasphere is in your hands.

Dropping by Devon’s to deliver Dom’s vitamins, Abby encourages him to open up to her about what’s going on with CW going public. Yes, he did make a decision – Lily’s on her way over right now.

Chelsea’s at home and in deep thought – then smiling to herself after sending a text.

Billy’s leaving Society when he gets Chelsea’s text; asking that he come over. She has an idea.

Tucker’s in his suite flashing back to recent times spent with Ashley; the good and the bad. Gulping the last of his drink, he hurls the glass against the wall.

At CL’s, Vikki rubs Tucker’s nose in it that Ashley escaped him and went to Paris. Now, there’s no reason for you to stay in town. You haven’t managed to one-up anyone. Give it time, Tucker hints of things to come.

Back at Society, Phyllis guarantees Daniel 97% of herself. He needs 100% – finding Princess Louisa is the jewel in the crown of Megasphere – finding your inner strength – turning dark into light. This project is Daniel moving in a positive direction after he pushed his family away. When he worries the project might be dead in the waters, Phyllis is alarmed – is everything OK at CW???

Lily’s surprised to find Abby at the penthouse. No, Devon doesn’t want to reschedule and is fine if Abby stays. Lily thinks they can find a solution they can all live with. Wanting more than a solution they can live with, Devon doesn’t need to hear ‘the numbers’ – his answer is no.

Everything’s in flux with newly merged companies, Phyllis knows Daniel’s contract isn’t iron-clad – there’s no guarantees. Maybe CW thinks Megasphere is too much of a risk. Daniel fights for her children – and she’ll take Daniel’s advice to heart (about Diane)

Vikki mocks Tucker for having Audra do his dirty work – his ‘stilettos on the ground’ passing on secrets from CW. Does Newman need to brace for another embarrassing attempt at a coup? Billy arrives – no, he’s not here to save the damsel but warns Tucker not to mess with his family. After Tucker leaves, Vikki refers to him as a man in search of a battle.

Devon’s mind is made up. The name of his company doesn’t matter to him – it’s what the name represents – and he wants it back, simple as that. He’ll pay whatever Lily and Jill want, within reason. Jill won’t break up the companies before we go public, Lily insists. Then we’ll go to court, Devon shrugs.

As Abby stands by awkwardly, Lily reminds Devon that he signed a contract – you agreed to go public. Honouring Neil and Kay’s legacy IS keeping the companies strong. No, honouring their legacies is keeping the companies out of the hands of strangers. Both are sorry it’s come to this. Bye Abby, Lily says before slamming out.

On the patio, Vikki wonders why Tucker’s still in town – he must want something. Billy changes the subject to their ‘epic’ pizza night. Vikki’s not happy to hear that Johnny’s planning another gettogether. He’s adjusting so well because you raised him to be compassionate. This has been so difficult, Vikki’s really trying. You’re giving Chelsea, Connor and Johnny an incredible gift. Only Billy knows what it’s costing Vikki. Be careful, he says on his way out. Tucker reappears to tell Vikki that if his target IS Newman, she’ll be the last one to know.

When Billy arrives, Chelsea suggests they do another podcast; one focussed on mental health. Will you do it?