Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Devon’s sorry he all but forced Abby to stay for that – he didn’t like Lily telling him who he can have in his apartment. Abby can’t help but be reminded that Devon wanted to take her and Chance to court for shared custody. There’s a lot more at stake than the company you and Neil built. Are you prepared for how this will affect your relationship with Lily?

Back at Society, Phyllis suggests they take Megasphere to Newman Media – or to Asia or New Zealand. Daniel hopes it doesn’t come to that. We need to think out of the box, Phyllis persists. Daniel has faith in his contract – and Lily (who appears to admit that she had a meeting with Devon that didn’t go well) Phyllis is sorry too – is Megashere dead in the waters at CW?

When Daniel apologizes for his Mom’s passion for the project, Phyllis reminds him that Lily knows all about her passion – she bought TGP from me. Given a chance to explain, Lily shrugs it off as ‘growing pains’. You want Daniel to wait and wonder? Phyllis presses. Lily wants to bring this project to come to fruition if she can. If you can? Phyllis isn’t sure she gets it. Lily does but can’t say more. After Phyllis leaves, Lily doesn’t need an apology from Daniel – she wishes her parents were here to advocate for her. Things are about to get nasty between Devon and I, she confides.

Chelsea and Billy debate whether to use their real names (for the boys’ sake) But, if we use an alias, we reinforce the stigma of mental illness, which stops people from getting help. They agree to talk to Dr Malone.

Phyllis is leaving a message for Nate as she arrives at CL’s – she has a fascinating, chance of a lifetime idea to pitch to him. Turning around, she’s startled to see that Tucker’s been listening. True, it is none of his business – but it should be.

Billy understands Chelsea wanting to help people experiencing depression and knows she’ll decide what’s right. He would like to work with her again.

Devon and Abby debate whether Lily will forgive him. What if she doesn’t and what if you don’t win in court? Are you prepared for that? Pointing out that Lily’s nothing like Adam, Devon doesn’t see how he could possibly prepare for losing everything he’s worked for. I can’t and won’t do that.

Lily whines to Daniel that Devon keeps talking about preserving the company he built with their Dad – but he’d be horrified by this. She’s sorry to keep Daniel in limbo and knows how much he has riding on this. Taking a call from Jill, Lily excuses herself; leaving a despondent Daniel to look out of the window.

Tucker declares Phyllis an astute businesswoman. Don’t shop Daniel’s project around – you’re right where you need to be – let’s talk.