Tuesday, January 24th, 2023

OK – today’s entire show takes place in TGP lounge, where Lauren’s family and friend (singular) are gathered to celebrate her winning a fashion award. Fans of Mike and Lauren will enjoy the many flashbacks as we take a walk down memory lane with the Badlwins – but the storyline doesn’t advance at all so you can opt to skip this episode (as I was tempted to do)

Mike and Lauren gush over one another at TGP – where she’s to receive some sort of fashion award. Gloria, Kevin and Chloe join them, followed by Fen, who introduces all to his boyfriend Trey. He’s a buyer for Fenmore’s in Nashville and a big fan of Lauren’s. Trey would love to hear all about the woman who raised the man he loves.

Her loved ones taking up the entire lounge, Lauren flashes to an argument with her ‘ice queen’ Mother – singing with Danny Romalotti – being mean to Traci. Getting in trouble is how she met her first husband; flashback to Paul (‘007’) catching her shoplifting. Soon, Lauren’s feuding with Paul’s Mother, Mary. She divorced Paul because Shawn Garrett threatened to kill him. Flashback to Paul saving her when Shawn had buried her alive.

Paul reads Neil’s will – he wanted his daughter to take over the family business. Scott Grainger was husband number two. Mike squirms as a misty-eyed Lauren flashes back. Fen informs Trey that Scotty is his older brother – his Father died when he was just a kid. Then it’s on to Lauren threatening Sheila (‘pure evil’) to stay away from her husband. Scotty confessing that he’d impregnated Sheila. Lauren was pregnant too – with a baby boy, Dylan, who didn’t survive. Sheila taunting her about her dead baby; a catfight in a lab. Then Sheila’s Mother insisting that Sheila switched the babies. Yes, its true, Sheila admitted. A fire in which Sheila was presumed dead – but she came back again and again. Lauren’s eyes glaze over – if that bitch ever resurrects, she’ll wish she stayed dead.

Kevin’s all smiles as he admits to being infatuated with Lauren years ago and had convinced himself that she had fallen for him too. Flashback to Lauren letting Kevin down easy. He didn’t take it well. I was a trainwreck. Mike and Lauren then fell madly in love. Flashback to her accepting Mike’s proposal in the Colonade Room casino. Gloria boasts about planning the wedding. Then Fen, the miracle, came along.

Lauren and Jill were stunned to find out, as adults, that they were half sisters. Eventually, they worked things out. Flashback to Mike and Lauren catching Jill having sex in her office – the fight turning to laughter – mostly about Jill’s hair.

Phyllis arrives to hug her friend and meet Fen’s boyfriend. This woman deserves a chapter in the Mike and Lauren story. We have a special bond. Both women are teary eyed as they flashback to Phyllis telling Lauren that she’s pregnant – then Mike demanding Lauren sign divorce papers; I will NEVER give up on ‘us’!

And now, the hour is over and so is the event honouring Lauren. The last to leave, Fen and Trey are off to check out Noah’s club. Mike and Lauren are left alone to pat themselves on the back – we’ve faced obstacles that would pulverize other couples. Flashback to a boat blowing up as a horrified Mike shouts ‘Lauren!!’ Then, fighting about Mike’s cancer – Lauren’s cheating – celebrating an anniversary. Back to real-time, Mike solemnly promises to love, honour and cherish Lauren until the day he dies ~kiss~