Wednesday, January 25th, 2023

Thought their chat is definitely friendly, Lily’s smile slips when Billy asks if she wants to chat about anything other than work over a coffee.

Politely declining due to a busy day ahead of her, Lily can only say that what she’s dealing with at CW has nothing to do with Billy leaving. She hopes he finds what he’s looking for too. Billy’s left looking a bit sad.

This was not my intention, Diane never expected Jack to forgive her – but she doesn’t need to tell Kyle what a special man his Father is. Jack didn’t want Diane to have to sneak around – she’s as welcome here as you are. Kyle’s surprised but as long as you two are happy. Summer reminds Kyle of that breakfast meeting they need to get to. Kyle didn’t seem pleased, Diane says as soon as he’s gone.

Audra and Nate brainstorm why Phyllis is shopping Daniel’s project around. Perhaps something’s up at CW he wonders. Audra will look into it – Phyllis seems like a loose cannon.

Listening to Tucker’s ‘not so subtle pitch’ to Daniel, Lily races in to say that he’s under contract – to me.

At Society, Summer believes that Diane came back to reconnect with Kyle – but her Mom was right about her being after Jack. Diane’s a bit of step up from the last woman your Dad fell fall, Sally Spectra. That’s a low bar. Perhaps Jack and Diane found the danger of their heist intoxicating. Kyle hopes his Dad won’t get his heart broken.

Diane correctly guesses that Kyle worries she might break Jack’s heart. I wouldn’t do anything to drive you away, Diane won’t risk losing them ever again ~kiss~

Billy stops by Kyle and Summer’s table to ask about Stark’s arrest. Hearing about Nikki’s one stolen necklace, he finds it odd that Stark would go from big stakes money laundering to petty burglary. Good to see you both, he leaves Summer to make faces at Kyle.

Lily spills the beans on Tucker – he planted Audra in our office to try take over our company. You can’t trust him – he tried to betray his own son, she warns Daniel. There’s two sides to every story; think about what I said, he leaves Lily to give Daniel another warning; breaking their contract to go with Tucker would be a huge mistake.

Daniel does have faith in Lily – Tucker came to me. My Mother put a bug in his hear (which Daniel isn’t happy about) Lily knows he wants to prove himself to Heather and Lucy, but she can’t move forward with any projects until after they sort out the IPO. Give me one week – if I can’t make this happen, I’ll let you out of your contract.

Tucker runs into Phyllis at TGP. He just had an interesting chat with Daniel – he sees the wisdom of bringing me aboard. Neither me nor my so want anything to do with you. It’s HIS project, you’re just along for the ride, Tucker leaves Phyllis looking astounded as the elevator doors close.

Ignoring Lily’s insults, Nate lets the cat out of the bag. Phyllis came to us. Daniel’s sorry – he had nothing to do with it. See? I told you, Audra sneers at Nate.

Kyle doesn’t want to argue with Summer. Hopefully we can put all this in the past. She wonders if he’s decided whether to help Victor oust Adam from Jabot. Please tell me you turned him down, she pouts.

Nick finishes his pep talk – Jill wants to work with you; this is a slam dunk. Let’s go – rah rah rah. Sally thinks him – the baby and I are lucky to have you. Ending the call, she flashes back to Adam unbuttonnig her blouse.

Jack and Diane are back in bed. Kyle will come around, he hates to see her worried – we’ll show him how happy we are ~kiss~

Summer doesn’t want Kyle to let her grandpa manipulate him. Kyle’s in the drivers seat – he wants the textile factories for Marchetti. Summer worries he’ll damage his relationship with his Dad. Colluding with my grandpa won’t end well. On cue, Kyle gets a text from Victor – let’s meet to discuss next steps. What’s that? she asks. Nothing important, he lies.

Phyllis opens her door to let Daniel in – she has a lot to report. Daniel sets her straight. He appreciates her trying to help but won’t risk his deal with Lily. We aren’t partners – you work for me (which he’s second-guessing)

Lily and Billy meet eyes as Nate and Audra discuss business. Boy, was I wrong about you – I thought you cared about your family, Billy rants. You’re backstabbed your family, jumped to Newman and hired Audra. Congratulations. I gave you far too much credit – he looks at Lily on his way out.