Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Vikki’s summoned the Newmans to her office to discuss Tucker – he struck out with Devon (Dom) and Ashley. Victor’s acquired some info that may shed light on his motives.

Claiming he was in the hood, Billy stops by Chelsea’s to spitball podcast ideas. She doesn’t think it a good idea – not just this impromptu visit but doing another podcast.

Returning to the office, Audra and Nate disagree on whether to pursue Daniel’s project. She’s against it, he’s in favour.

When Phyllis explains why she pitched his idea to Newman Media as a back up, an angry Daniel reminds that the project is HIS dream.

Phyllis didn’t pitch the idea to strangers – Nick was your stepfather, she reminds. She didn’t say anything risky to Nate. The guy who plotted to steal his family’s company, Daniel threatens to fire his Mother. It’s his call and he thinks Tucker a better back up plan.

Chelsea tells Billy that Dr Malone thinks it too soon to do a podcast on her recent suicide attempt – but she’s pleased that it’s a sign that she’s recovering.

Victor shares the news that Tucker was so sure he’d succeed that he’s been spending all the cash he liquidated so is now looking for a profitable company to keep him afloat.

Audra tells Nate that Lily and Devon were preparing to announce a new gaming division but for some reason CW didn’t announce it. Nate’s sorry she burned her bridge with them too – it’d be nice to have some inside information.

In his suite, Tucker types out a text.

** I’m feeling a bit under the weather so am catching up as best I can.

Audra will support Nate if he 100% wants Daniel’s idea but how do we proceed? Reading a text from Tucker (we need to meet) Audra immediately leaves Nate’s office.

Billy’s not sure Chelsea should be taking his advice – I’ve screwed up lots and am just playing it by ear. Aren’t we all, Chelsea smiles.

What Daniel sees as Tucker’s insight, Phyllis sees as manipulation. Of course he thinks your project’s brilliant, it is. Daniel doesn’t think they need a Plan B – Lily will come through.

Newman Media just hired Audra, Nick doesn’t trust her – we don’t know what kind of relationship she has with Tucker. Let them keep working together, Vikki thinks.

Nick doesn’t agree that they should go after Tucker – wait until he fails on his own. Victor agrees that they should go after CW. Leaving with Nick for a meeting, Vikki doesn’t want to let this moment slip away.

In Tucker’s suite, Audra tells him to get to the point. Ah – you want me to use my resources to collude with you again (he wants Daniel’s gaming platform – it seems intriguing) Keep your hands off it – if anyone takes it from CW, it’ll be Newman Media. I miss our partnership, Tucker stops her from leaving – I’m sorry, he’s on his knees and then attacked to her lips.

Billy and Chelsea enjoy a walk ‘n talk in the park.

You just let an old grudge ruin your career, Daniel reminds his Mom – what did ‘being right’ get you? Without further word, he leaves her to think.

Billy’s had a lot of time to think, with no job and living by himself at TGP. We’ve lived parallel lives, he tells Chelsea that’s why they ‘connect’.

Audra’s back at the office and ready to jump in. She had to put some issues from her past to bed. No, she’s not leaving NM – but she is now in agreement to go after Megashpere. On cue, Daniel arrives.

Back at Newman, Nikki believes Victor’s specifically going after Tucker – if so, she wants to know why.

After their meeting, Nick and Vikki are at Society. She wonders why he doesn’t want to go after Tucker’s company. He can’t shake the feeling that it’s part of Dad’s bigger plan. When Tucker walks in, Vikki asks him to join them.

Daniel apologizes for any confusion but he’s got a contract with CW. Nate asks for a chance to sell him on NM.

We’ve both struck out at love, Billy loved the podcast because it enabled him to get to know Chelsea better.

Both Nate and Audra find Newman a better place to work than CW. Asking them to respect his decision to stick with CW, Daniel leaves Nate even more intrigued. When Audra says that Tucker will be competing too, Nate wonders how she knows that.

After Vikki mocks Tucker for thinking himself capable to take over Newman, Nick shares a rumour going around – McCall Unlimited is in trouble.