Friday, January 27th, 2023

Nikki warns Victor that his plan to get Adam back at the company may backfire. Victor has the situation under control.

Kyle’s at work, on his phone. He’d like a status report on all the files Adam’s working on.

Tucker gone, Vikki wants Nick to say what’s troubling him. 

At Society, Mike and Lauren are discussing how happy they are for Fen when Phyllis joins them to whine about Daniel.

Noting Audra’s great mood when she came from seeing Tucker, Nate has to wonder which of them she’s playing, or is it both?

I guess, despite Wednesday’s reminder, everyone’s forgotten that Lauren is Jill’s sister. She and Mike’s only reaction to hearing that CW is in trouble, is to scold her for meddling.

Sure his plan will work, Victor moves on to another subject. Jack and Diane stealing Nikki’s necklace. They deserve each other.

Nick asks Vikki to keep negative thoughts about Sally to herself. Answering her call, Nick asks how the meeting went. Jill did what!?

At CL’s, Elena admires the latest ultrasound pic from Delphine, then is persuaded to confide to the  girls what’s troubling her. She doesn’t trust the COO Nate hired.

Audra earns Nate’s trust back by telling him that Tucker planned to buy CW and Jabot, to work with Devon and Ashley. Now that he’s the boss, Nate finds power intoxicating. 

Not believing that Jill pulled the plug on meeting Sally because CW is unstable, Nick vows to get to the bottom of it.

Kyle’s saved from Summer’s questions about all the folders in his hands when Daniel comes to talk to his sister.

The Baldwins continue to give Phyllis some tough love.

In the park, Daniel’s barely gotten a chance to whine about Mom before noticing that Summer’s ‘off’. She thinks Kyle might be hiding something.

Kyle’s at Newman to tell Victor that after going over Adam’s accounts, he may have found something to oust him from Jabot.

Elena worries that Audra’s stoking Nate’s lust for power.

Summoned to Nate’s office for an update, Vikki will trust him to decide whether to acquire Omegasphere. The is one wrinkle, he adds.

Half way through telling the Baldwins about Daniel’s problems with Heather, Phyllis gets an idea. I can fix this, she nods.

Phyllis is determined to go to Heather. Lauren and Mike hate the idea. It’ll backfire. Call her once, Lauren implores.

Back in the park, Summer tells Daniel that Victor wants to force Adam out of Jabot; using Kyle’s help.

Adam’s work is mediocre at best, Kyle’s sent Victor some redacted files (with info he’s eager to use)

Daniel finally gets a chance to whine to Summer about Mom. He hopes she’ll rein it in.

Phyllis is going to Portugal to talk to Heather and Lucy.

Reluctant to talk to Nate about her concerns, Elena fears his ambition will only get worse.

Hearing that the wrinkle is Tucker, Vikki tells Nate that she’ll handle him.

Nick marches into the office to ask his Dad whether he’s responsible for Jill not taking Sally’s meeting. Yes or no!? Victor stares over his tablet and glasses.