Monday, January 30th, 2023

Kyle accosts Jack in his office to ask how serious things are between him and Mom. He worries that their relationship might be what finally blows up this family.

Likewise, when Summer comes home, Diane gets the sense that she’s less than thrilled that she and Jack are involved again. Yeah, Summer doesn’t want to see Jack or Kyle hurt when, not if, things go wrong.

At Society, Chloe and Sally are annoyed that they went all the way to LA only for Jill to cancel their meeting. What the hell happened they wonder?

Victor merely gave Jill an honest assessment of Sally’s qualifications. Nick’s pissed off that his Dad sabotaged the LA meeting. Whatever happens to Sally is her own doing, Victor’s apologetic.

Seeing Phyllis wheel her luggage into TGP lobby, Tucker’s full of questions. Personal and professional – but unlike you, I’ll be successful, she assures.

It won’t be easy but we’ll come up with a plan, Lily ends her call with Jill. When Daniel arrives at CL’s, Lily updates that neither Jill nor Devon will budge. She’s caught in the middle – but knows what Daniel really wants to ask about is the status of Omegasphere.

Sally ruined your brother and she’ll ruin you too, Victor bellows at Nick (who strongly disagrees – Adam’s the one who brought HER down)

Sorry that Chloe’s being punishes for things SHE’S done, Sally again rejects her partners idea to revisit Nick’s offer of a loan. No – anything could happen, Nick might not stick around. He’s sexy and sweet but things could change. Ah, the Adam possibility, Chloe sighs. What’s the Adam possibility? he appears on cue to ask.

Overhearing Phyllis instructing TGP staff to hold her mail, Tucker yelps out – Portugal? That’s none of your business. Tucker guesses Daniel’s staying in GC to work on his hot project. You seem desperate, Phyllis mocks him for not having had a win in a while. Have a nice trip, Tucker leaves chuckling. Dammit, Phyllis mutters to herself.

Daniel cares about his project AND Lily. Wanting to do right by him and Jill, Lily’s feeling overwhelmed and alone. Being in denial about what may or may not happen, could be a recipe for disaster, he frets.

Back at Jabot, Jack asks Kyle what worries him about him reconnecting with Diane. All of it – she doesn’t play by the rules – look at what she did to Stark. Jack takes full responsibility for the plan – which worked by the way. Asked why he’s so confident that things will work, Jack has a list; we’re older, wiser, more accepting of each others’ faults. What if she leaves again? There’ll be no coming back from that – not for me, Kyle’s adamant.

Meahwhile, at the house, Diane raves about Jack. Kyle makes me feel the same way, Summer gets it – but chortles at the suggestion that Phyllis will disrupt Diane’s happiness with Jack. You could hurt, Jack, Kyle and Harrison – they trust you, Summer lectures. Diane’s had enough of Phyllis’ attention; nothing good ever comes of it.

Yes, Victor thinks Sally’s to blame for Adam failing. She doesn’t deserve that, Nick fumes. You’re obsessed with bringing him back to the company – it never works. It’s MY company! Victor doesn’t care who’s running it. Nick won’t stand for his Father mistreating Sally – especially not right now. Nick loves working with his Mother and sister but don’t force me to choose between Sally and this company. What are you not telling me? Victor asks. Vikki appears – let me guess; this is about Nick and Sally.