Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Breakfast at Society isn’t exactly the joyous reunion Daniel clearly hoped for. Lucy ignores both him and Heather as she plays on her phone with earbuds in. Phyllis arrives – oh my goodness, what a surprise to see you all here together.

Kyle leaves no doubt how he feels about Adam coming to work after yesterday’s performance; a melodramatic, self-deprecating ‘swansong’. Adam politely explains that he’s just there to pick up his things. Continuing to take the high road, he chuckles when Kyle recites that it’s policy for Jabot to send the belongings to fired employees.

Victor Newman. Do I know you? Victor looks up from the laptop he’s reading on at CL’s. Maybe from my mugshot, Jeremy quips. Oh yeah, Victor leans back – you’re the slimeball involved in stealing my wife’s necklace.

Jack and Diane are joking about which side of the bed she’ll sleep on when Summer comes down to say ‘Good morning, Jack’. Despite being completely ignored, Diane offers a cheery ‘good morning’. You’re certainly making yourself at home, Summer observes.

Jack scolds Summer – your tone’s not appreciated. She apologizes and admits that she’s furious with Kyle for going behind her back. Diane’s sure he’s sorry. Jack understands; yes, he’s angry too – but – everything’s forgivable (as evident by Diane sitting beside him) Summer wants to forgive Kyle – she’s just not there yet.

Adam has no hard feelings towards Kyle – his advice is to make up with Jack and not team up with Victor. The advice not received well, Adam will leave with a compliment – he admires the lengths Kyle will go to to protect his family. That’s never gonna change, Kyle’s left to stew in his anger.

Lucy seems genuinely pleased to see Phyllis. It’s Grandma, sweetie, Heather corrects. No, it’s Phyllis – and she’s so happy to see her handsome son with them. We could have flown back to GC together, Phyllis leans in to hope Heather realizes they should be a family again. Mom, stop, Daniel orders.

Victor’s not surprised to hear that Diane and Jack framed Jeremy but their mutual disdain for the pair ‘does not make the enemy of my enemy my friend’.

Read the room, Daniel tells his Mom to take a look around. Phyllis is sorry if she misunderstood. Summer would love to see you, she adds. It’s not that type of visit, Daniel stands when Heather does. Phyllis is then hurt to hear that Heather and Lucy will be visiting Paul and Chris. You set up a meeting with Christine and not me? she’s left to look sad.

At Jabot, Kyle wonders how long Summer plans to stay mad at him. Adam comes by – wanna check my box for Jabot artifacts? No hard feelings – you did what felt you had to. Just stop, Summer snaps – Kyle didn’t ‘have’ to deceive his family. Not wanting to get in the middle, Adam tells Summer that he understands what Kyle did. His intentions weren’t pure but they were well-meaning. He wishes them success with Marchetti and each other. See? The victim of my scheme has forgiven me, why can’t you? Kyle’s frustrated. Adam’s not married to you, Summer points out.

Oh wow, Phyllis utters when Jack and Diane enter Society holding hands. Diane wastes no time. Jack and I are back together; he insisted I move in with him. Well, this is rich – when I so-called rubbed our relationship in Diane’s face it was unforgiveable – when she does it, it’s acceptable.

Victor warns Jeremy not to use anyone in his family or orbit as a pawn. Do so and I’ll come after you.

All Diane did is share news you would have found out anyway – she didn’t manipulate, Jack hopes they can all move forward with kindness and understanding. You’re kidding, right? Phyllis leaves grinning. Was I gloating or bragging? Diane wonders. You were a bit overzealous, Jack has no issue with it. Outside, Jeremy’s so busy looking into the restaurant that he doesn’t realize he’s walked past Phyllis.

Back at Jabot, Kyle implores Summer to forgive him – can we please just move on from this?

Hello father. Victor invites Adam to join him (still at CL’s) I’ve officially resigned from Jabot, your interference played a big part, Adam says without malice.