Friday, February 17th, 2023

Sally and a very optimistic Chloe pause outside of Society to chat about their pitch to Jill.

Slipping the blue bracelet on, Daniel vows to regain Lucy’s trust and be available to her, be it chats, emails etc. After Heather returns to send Lucy to get her backpack and phone, Daniel thanks her for giving them some time alone. Heather needs to say a few things to him.

Greeting Chris, Abby goes upstairs to check on Dom, leaving her and Devon to discuss the lawsuit he’s filing to get his company back. Chris has a question to ask and hopes he’ll consider it before they go any further.

At CL’s, Adam reiterates his ‘ultimatum’ to Victor. After all the effort you went to to get me fired from Jabot, now’s your chance to show me how much you want me back, he challenges his father to give him Vikki’s job.

At the office, Vikki has news to share – Tucker offered to sell her his company outright. Nick doesn’t buy it. If the offer’s genuine, question the motive.

Tucker drops by the house to tell Ashley that he’s a changed man. He’s wiping the slate clean – selling McCall Unlimited to prove himself to her.

Now inside the restaurant, Chloe knows how difficult this is for Sally – getting a paternity test was the right thing to do. Whoever the father is, the baby will be a precious gift; you’ll be an incredible Mom and our interior design business will be a huge success. Sally appreciates her best friend. Rain or shine, you can always count on me, Chloe vows as they hug/laugh.

Heather notices Daniel’s wearing the bracelet Lucy bought him. He relays their conversation – he pledged to be there for her. Heather’s glad – but hopes he proceeds with caution. Daniel doesn’t need to be told how to behave with his own daughter. That poor girl’s been hurting for a long time, Heather stresses how vulnerable she is. If you push to hard too soon, it’ll backfire. Lucy returns and it’s time to go see Grandpa Paul. Bye Dad. Bye Luce, Daniel’s left to mope a minute before getting a call from Lily. He could really use a friend. She’s on her way.

If this is what Devon really wants, Chris will build the best possible case but taking his sister and Jill to court will have a steep emotional price. Devon’s given Jill and Lily time to change their minds and have them see his point of view. They’ve backed me into a corner and will feel the consequences of that.

Daniel updates Lily that Heather and Lucy are in town. She’s fallen for another guy. Lily’s sorry. It gets better – we went for breakfast. Lucy told me how bad I’ve hurt her. He told her about the game she inspired. She gave me this, he shows off the bracelet. He’s not sure things will ever be the same between him and Lucy – they certainly won’t be with Heather.

Yes, Tucker’s really selling his company. He’s asked Vikki to make him an offer. I’m excited, he claims. You’re back’s against the wall, Ashley knows the Newman wanted to take over his debt and company. Then they can call all the shots. She thinks that must be embarrassing for Tucker.

Back at Newman, Nate updates Vikki and Nick that Audra told Tucker that they wanted to buy his debt. He’s making this move before we can make him sell for less. Vikki wants to stick to the original plan. Tucker wants to make this painless for himself but we don’t have to oblige. We assume his debt and have the upper hand. Nick thinks he may decide to dig his heels in and do damage on his way out the door. Vikki will follow her instincts. Dad will agree, she’s sure.

Victor orders Adam to sit down – enough games. Adam won’t be Vikki’s lackey. Knowing that, Victor has a plan – trust me. It’ll be better than you can imagine. Giving his Dad 24 hours to consider his proposal, Adam saunters out of CL’s.