Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

Sally declines Nick’s offer to stay as a ‘buffer’. She has to get used to dealing with Adam. Yes, she’s sure she has to tell him now – face to face. Thanks for everything, Sally sniffles. Nick gives her a kiss. If you need me, just call. Sally will.

Audra will call Tucker and find out who bought his debt. Getting voicemail, she asks Tucker to call her back. Vikki’s not sure how this affects her plans – you and I will have to figure it out together, she leaves Audra to ask what’s going on between Nate and Vikki.

Adam’s surprised Nick’s not in Sally’s suite – is there trouble? No. Immediately getting to the point, Sally announces that she’s pregnant – and you’re the father. Adam’s jaw is on the floor.

Eating her lunch, Ashley threatens to call in Tucker’s debt if he doesn’t behave. He takes a seat – why are you doing this? You want power over me. No, she has much bigger plans in mind.

Speaking of video games, Chelsea read a press release on Daniel’s platform. She shows it to Billy. Video games can help people with depression and PTSD. Chelsea’s intrigued. At Conor’s urging, Chelsea decides to contact Daniel – to see if she can get involved.

At the office, Vikki’s sorry to hear that Nick’s not the father ~hug~ Sally and I will get through this. He asks for work that will distract him. Vikki has news for him.

Wow. Um. When did you find out? Sally’s known for a while but just learned that Adam’s the father. He’s not sure what to say. To be clear, this changes nothing emotionally (for Sally) Adam disagrees – this changes everything.