Tuesday, February 21st, 2023

** Yesterday’s show was basically just Sally playing our scenes in her head about how things might play out if Adam was the father, then if Nick was the father, Since it did nothing to move the storyline along, I could barely watch, never mind recap the episode.

Nate updates Audra that Rucker offered to sell his company to Vikki; who appears to announce that someone already bought Tucker’s debt. Do you know who’s behind this? Vikki addresses Audra with suspicion,

At Society, Tucker balks – you can’t just drop a bomb like that and walk away. Having bought his debt, Ashley can do whatever she wants. I’m in control now.

Dropping by Chelsea’s apartment, Adam’s asked to help Connor with his homework – the family tree. It’s pretty twisted. He needs to describe every member of the family. What’s so great about the Newmans???

Thanking Nick for being by her side, Sally finally gets around to reading the test results. What do we do now? she doesn’t look happy when asking Nick.

Knowing that Audra’s played one company against the other before, Vikki wonders if she’s doing so now. You went rogue with Tucker. It paid off, Nate chimes in. It was a smart move, Vikki has another assignment for Audra – find out who bought Tucker’s debt and why.

How does one describe Anita and Jeff? Quirky and morally flexible, Kind generous, strong, Adam provides adjectives for Hope. Connor’s grandpa? Committed to his family. Nikki – tough but fair, Adam claims. Vikki? Strong-willed. Abby? Fiesty. Uncle Nick? Connor asks. Adam declares him a good father.

Back in the suite, Sally suggests the test might be wrong. Nick doesn’t think so. My DNA’s not a match to the baby’s. In tears, Sally knows it won’t play out well with Adam as the father, How is Nick so calm? Adam could surprise you, he’s hopeful. Sally wanted the baby to be Nick’s. So did he. This changes everything, Sally weeps. You have an important decision to make – in the background, Nick isn’t happy when Sally wonders ‘how do I tell Adam’?

Table for one please, Ashley ask the waiter, She needs a cocktail and food. All this corporate espionage has made me ravenous, she walks away from Tucker.

Adam appreciates Chelsea saying he can come over any time. He has quite Jabot – I didn’t belong there. Victor offered something vague – he won’t go back unless he gets Vikki’s job (which won’t happen) Chelsea thinks Adam would benefit from therapy – there’s good in you. You’re an amazing Dad. Both promise to do their best for Connor. Surprised, Adam answers Sally’s call. She’ll explain everything when he gets there. Nick sits on the sofa and scowls.

As Adam leaves, Billy arrives with the video game Connor’s been asking for. Have fun, Adam doesn’t look pleased as he leaves.