Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

Summer comes home to flowers and champagne – Kyle was hoping they could have lunch,

Snuggling in Sally’s bed, Nick asks how Adam reacted. He was stunned as all hell – wanted to get back together (which she made clear wouldn’t happen) We’ll have to see how he reacts once the shock wears off,

At CL’s, Chelsea wants to know what’s going on with Adam. Well, he does need someone to talk to.

This isn’t a bribe, it’s a peace offering – Kyle just wants an hour to win Summer over; he’ll be charming and contrite. I overstepped with Victor, I lied – it’s unacceptable – he now sees that he made a mistake. Chicken salad, huh? Summer caves. Both have drinks in hand when Kyle gets a text – from Victor.

Agreeing to go for a walk with Adam, Chelsea leaves Billy to drink two hot chocolates.

Our relationship and this baby are two different things, one doesn’t affect the other, Nick assures. Sally feels that she’s been neglecting him. Deep down – how do you really feel about this?

Billy brings hot chocolate and sarcasm to Jack’s office. If you were serious about it, I would offer you Kyle’s job.

In the park, Chelsea’s reaction is ‘wow’ – is Sally still seeing Nick? Yes – and he won’t walk away. She hates seeing Adam so bitter about Nick. He gets the cushy job and the woman that I love – and he’s already raising Christian. When’s enough for that guy?

Nick just wants to be there for Sally – he won’t think of himself. You’re an amazing man, but Sally doesn’t think it healthy for him to ignore his feelings. I need the truth. OK, Nick’s more than disappointed, he’s devastated.

Nick expresses how excited he was to be starting a family with Sally. I will never be able to trust Adam, He’ll be relentless and knows no boundaries. I need to protect us from everything Adam will throw at us.

Back in the park, Chelsea thinks she and Adam are lucky that Johnny and Christian are being raised by good parents. Just be excited about being a Dad again. Sally didn’t keep the truth from you – she wants you in this baby’s life.