Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

A nervous Diane plucks a yellow package/envelope off the front door mat and nearly jumps out of her skin when Jack comes home to ask ‘what happened?’

Running into Chance at CL’s, Jeremy’s not in town to cause trouble. You’re just as much a victim of this setup as I was. Isn’t Diane’s new protector (Jack) your wife’s uncle? Family shouldn’t play so dirty, right? Oh – did I hit a nerve? Ms Newman is now your ex-wife, Jeremy heaves a theatrical sigh.

Daniel arrives to see his two favourite people joking about being all packed. Paul and Chris spoiled Lucy rotten but not it’s time to go back to their lives in Portugal. Daniel wishes nothing but happiness for Heather – she hopes the same for him.

Nate brought home Elena’s favourite takeout dinner before she heads off to her night shift. He’s going to meet Lily at Society to discuss Devon. Why not just go across the hall and talk to him? Elena wonders. Nate senses a major showdown between the two.

Abby drops by the penthouse to ask Devon out to dinner (Dom’s with the nanny) He’s busy getting paperwork in order for Christine. Abby worries about Devon – he’s not eating or sleeping properly.

Someone rang the doorbell and left the envelope; it’s addressed to Diane with smiley faces. Maybe it’s from Jeremy. Don’t let him get under your skin, Jack’s got security on stand-by – you’re safe here.

Chance follows Jeremy to the counter – my personal life is none of your business. Jeremy’s done some research on Chance – your background is impressive; you’ve given your life to upholding law and order. You must be pissed that Jack Abbott used you. Chance warns Jeremy that it’d be a bad idea to cause trouble.

Devon’s worried about the damage the lawsuit will cause to his relationship with Lily and his company. Abby wishes it hadn’t come to this.

Nate feels responsible for lighting the fuse. He saw Christine leaving Devon’s and wants to defuse the situation. Elena thinks it a terrible idea.

Heather leaves Daniel and Lucy alone. She can’t believe he’s wearing the bracelet she made for him. Both want to keep the line of communication open. Daniel hopes she’ll want to visit sometime soon. He’s determined to earn back her trust. Yes, he’d love for her to be part of the team to test Finding Princess Louisa. Heather watches as Lucy leaps into Daniel’s arms for a hug. I’ll call you – we can video chat when I get home, she pauses to say.

Nate reminds Elena that she and Abby conspired to get him and Devon together at Christmas. We’re cousins and neighbours who act like strangers. You might be doing more harm than good, Elena hopes Nate reconsiders. Trust me – this is something I have to do (and what Nate’s Mother would want him to do)

Devon’s fighting for his family business. Lily’s fighting for a company she has no connection to – she just runs it. He appreciates Abby’s concern and trusts her more than anyone. I care about you, Abby says.

Chance drops by to tell Jack and Diane that Jeremy’s in town and looking to stir up trouble. They appreciate the warning. Actually, the warning goes both ways. Chance has his suspicions about the Chicago robbery. He’ll be watching all of them.

Elena’s glad to run into Abby in the hallway and that she’ll postpone her meeting to chat about Devon and Nate. Elena worries that he’s about to do something that will make matters worse.

Phyllis joins Daniel in TGP lounge to commiserate. She knows what it’s like to be distant from your child, physically and emotionally. The bond between mother and child can withstand anything. Are we talking about Lucy, or is this about you, as usual? Daniel finishes his drink.

Stepping back into her apartment, Elena updates Abby that Nate heard rumours that there’s tension between Devon and Lily so has decided to put himself in the middle of it. Can Abby shed some light into what Nate’s walking into? Abby doesn’t want to betray Devon’s confidence but it’ll be public knowledge soon enough – Devon’s suing CW to regain control of his company.

At Society, Lily’s immediately annoyed by small talk so decides to go back to work. Nate asks her how things are going between her and Devon. He saw Christine leaving Devon’s and has heard rumours. Lily scoffs when Nate insists he wants to help.

Stark’s the one you should be watching, Jack hands over the unopened envelope. Why didn’t you call the police? Diane thinks he wants to keep them guessing – I want to know NOW. Frustrated, Chance shouts ‘stop’ when she rips into the envelope.

Diane pulls out a book; The Invisible Heist. Jeremy always did enjoy a good mystery novel, she comments. Chance scolds them for not bringing it to the police. It’s not your job to figure out his next move. Let US deal with him. Diane doesn’t want him to know she’s working with the police. I don’t care! I don’t care! Chance hopes he’s made himself clear (he has not)

Jeremy arrives to witness Daniel raking Saint Phyllis over the coals. You can’t even admit you were wrong to go to Portugal. Yes, I’m in pain. Partly because of you. Sad that you don’t see it. After Daniel stomps off, Jeremy saunters over – it is sad. He feels for Phyllis. It’s rough being attacked from all sides.

Abby doesn’t want to get into specifics but worries things will get ugly. What’s Nate up to? He’s convinced he can smooth things over by talking to Lily. No, she’s dug her heels in. Nate could make things a lot worse, Abby worries.

Nate can’t help but feel guilty about what he accused Devon of. You betrayed your own family so you’re no longer part of my family, Lily leans in to snarl. It’s none of your business so stay out of it. Devon arrives to watch.

Lily assumes Nate’s responsible for Devon showing up (and trying to play hero) She and Devon disagree on what Neil would want. I’m done, she storms out.

Jack suggests they thwart Jeremy’s game by going on a secret trip; a romantic getaway.

Phyllis has no interest in aligning with Jeremy – she’s not at her breaking point. Wow – Diane really gets under your skin. What if I could offer you a plan to take her down, an escape from all the blame you’re getting, even from your own son?

Phyllis doesn’t need an escape from anything. I don’t need you. I’m not interested in your schemes. Right, keep telling yourself that, Jeremy walks off.

Jack won’t let Stark rain on their happiness. Trust me, I’ll handle everything, he hugs Diane.

Back at Society, Nate asks if it’s true – are you really trying to break up Chancellor Winters? Yes, it IS his business. Someone needs to talk sense into both Devon and Lily. Neil wouldn’t want you to destroy your bond. You don’t get to talk to me about Neil, Devon walks out.

In the park, Lily doesn’t really feel like talking. Sitting on another bench, Daniel doesn’t want to talk either. She caves first – she could use someone to talk to right now. Daniel comes to sit beside her. Why is family so hard? Daniel has no answers to that at the moment.