Friday, February 24th, 2023

Audra brings news to Tucker’s suite; she hopes it’s worth a drink. That depends on the news. Vikki knows someone else bought your debt. Audra wonders if someone’s doing him a favour or wants to control him. Any idea who it is?

At Society, Abby updates her Mom that Devon’s ready to go to battle with Lily and Jill. He wants to undo the merger – and doesn’t want to go public. They think it’ll devalue both companies. He’s going to sue them; force their hand. Ashley wonders if there’s more going on between Abby and Devon, besides that ‘mistake’ you made.

At Newman, Vikki and Nate need to come up with a new plan. Tucker’s still in control of his company. It comes down to risk vs reward, Nate asks – how badly do you want it? How far are you willing to go to get it? Vikki’s eyes glisten with desire.

Devon enters the CL’s patio talking to Chris on his phone – Jill and Lily want to go to war, that’s what we’ll give them.

At the park, Daniel’s confused – should he respond to Lily’s venting? She likes that they’re comfortable enough with each other to be silent. It’s been a while since she felt this way. What way? I dunno – connected? they both lean in, lips first.

Did we almost just …. yeah, we did. What were we thinking? Lily’s sorry. They joke about their sad states of affairs. Daniel’s heartbreak, his daughter and meddling Mother. Lily’s life is in shambles – she went also through a breakup and is being sued by her brother. What a pathetic pair, they chuckle. Love sucks. Who needs it? (both, clearly)

Abby wouldn’t call it a mistake – Devon’s not the reason things didn’t work out with Chance. We’re devoted to Dom and care about each other. Devon’s already lost so many people, Abby worries. Ashley can relate – she and her brother are disconnected. Abby asks what’s going on with Tucker.

Who would want to buy my debt knowing they wouldn’t control the company? Tucker muses. Audra finds it out of character that he’s willing to sell his company to Newman. Tucker’s disappointed in her performance – you’re slipping.

This whole thing could be resolved if Lily would stop listening to Jill, Devon thanks Chris for taking this on. Looking inside, he sees Lily and Daniel and exits through the patio unseen. Daniel and Lily are now on the patio. Daniel’s not sure he wants to continue the project.

Vikki tells Nate that her Dad wants Adam to run McCall but she plans to dismantle it. She has also has something special in mind for Nate. She has this fantasy – take a look at McCall’s media division. The reward is worth the risk. Financing is in place. It’d be crazy not to take the chance. Hopefully our source will find out why Tucker’s selling.

Tucker sees intermittent glimpses of brilliance but Audra lacks a certain je ne sais quois. Did you think I’d be so gobsmacked by your beauty that I’d tell you everything you want to know? It’s obvious you’re here for info. He knows Audra’s playing both sides and is not on his side. How do I handle the situation? When he caresses her hair, she swats his hand away in annoyance.