Monday, February 27th, 2023

After dinner at Society, Devon and Abby decide to skip dessert so they can go watch Dominic sleep; a perfect way to end the night.

In Tucker’s suite, Ashley encourages him to connect with Devon by buying his business. He’s not sure if she’s serious or toying with him.

Nikki comes home to report that she had back-to-back meetings all day. Has Victor looked over the Fitzpatrick deal Vikki emailed him. No, he’s too distracted thinking about Adam.

In bed, Sally and Nick have enjoyed fabulous sex. Their peace and quiet is interrupted by a knock at the door. Nope, not room service. Adam needs to talk to Sally – it’s important.

Wearing a robe, Sally opens the door just a bit. Adam guesses Nick’s in there – s’up? Yes, he’s had a few drinks – but now has the courage to say what he needs to say. A bare-chested Nick comes to the door to say that Sally’s free to do whatever she wants (like go to the lobby to listen to Adam’s drunken ranting)

Victor tells Nikki that Adam has one condition to come back to Newman – Vikki’s CEO job. Nikki thinks handing him McCall Unlimited is a very expensive consolation prize. Someone else bought his debt before we could, Victor adds.

Ashley enjoys rubbing Tucker’s nose in the fact that she owns his debt – you have to listen to me. She’s not asking him to sell his company to Devon, she’s demanding it.

Sally apologizes to Nick – she feels she owes Adam this conversation. She’s trying to be decent for the baby’s sake.

Victor’s having Mike look into who bought Tucker’s debt. He doesn’t think it’s Devon – he wants nothing to do with his father. Maybe someone bought his debt to protect him. Nikki thinks she knows who.

In TGP lounge, Sally’s not upset that Adam told Chelsea about the baby. He’s excited – you’ll be an incredible Mother. Chelsea helped him realize that trying to force a relationship would push Sally away.